Just His Dress Shirt

When he comes home from work I am waiting for him with his dress shirt on no panties no bra, and usually cowboy boots, with just enough of my breasts showing to get him going. I love to undress him, feeling every inch of his hard body.

I lay him down and rub his whole body from head to toe, slowly unbuttoning my shirt to show my nipples. I then put sensual oil on him and slide my body up to his mouth, putting my nipples in his mouth to be sucked, taking them out and rubbing them down his chest, all the way to his hard penis.

I then slide my body down his leg rubbing my juices from my vagina all over his thigh slowly putting my mouth over the end of his penis teasing him more. I get to ride him like a cowgirl. I turn around and sit backwards on his hard penis and put our vibrator on my love spot and his balls. Man there is nothing like riding the bull. He loves the feeling of the vibrator on his balls.

The orgasm is out of control. Then you hear Ride Em cowgirl!

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