Get It All On Tape

Give your wife an auditory thrill.

Place a small tape recorder in a strategic place and record your next few lovemaking sessions without her knowledge. Obviously, you will have to show her a vey good time for the tape to be worth anything! When you have a deliciously noisy session on tape, you’re ready to begin.

Edit the tape and produce an erotic audio love letter to your wife. If you have the capability, superimpose the sounds of her pleasure over some sensuous music she likes. If you can’t do that, you may want to start and end the tape with this music, fading it in and out. Then, record a brief erotic message of your own: tell her how much you love her, how much you enjoyed giving her pleasure, how beautiful she is, and end with an invitation to “do this again sometime soon” or something to that effect.

To pique her curiosity and add to the fun, put some clues leading to the tape where she will find them: the first one on the bathroom mirror, the second in her lingerie drawer, the third in a coffee mug in the cupboard, etc. Lead her to the tape and give her instructions as to how she should listen to it (in her favourite chair sipping a good cup of tea, soaking in a hot tub, lying naked on the bed, etc.)


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