Cut Off Shorts

Ask your husband if he will help you with a small project.  Tell him you have some pants that you want to cut-off for some summer shorts.  Then, have him sit down in the bedroom.  You take the shorts and cut off an amount that would make a pair of very modest looking summer shorts.  Then tell him to wait there while you try them on.  Then, go into the bathroom and change into them.  Now go out and model them for him.  Next, tell him you don’t think they are short enough.  Take them off (either in the privacy of the bathroom again, or in front of him with no panties on) and then cut off a little more.  Keep repeating this process for at least four or five times.  Once you have the shorts so cut-off and so short that you would be embarrassed to wear them in public, ask if he likes them.  Show off your rear in a number of very, very compromising positions.  Ask if he thinks they are really too short.  He should enjoy helping you immensely on this project.

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