Reaching down, she gathered her royal blue skirt in her hand and pulled the material up around her waist, thus exposing the red lace panties which covered her womanhood.  Clear slippery seminal fluid was beginning to emerge from the small slit on the head of my penis as I shared this most intimate moment with my wife.

I almost climaxed as I saw her long slender fingers disappear beneath her panties and begin to softly caress her clitoris.  “I want to see you taste yourself,” she whispered. Using my index finger, I retrieved and tasted the slightly salty fluid.   This was obviously an incredible turn on for my wife who immediately removed her panties and reached for the vibrator beside the couch.  Using her left hand to separate her swollen lips she inserted the vibrator into her silky opening.  Upon seeing this, I deliberately slowed the tempo of my pumping to avoid ejaculating.  My eyes were fastened to the sight of my wife’s hand repeatedly thrusting the vibrator into herself while stimulating her clitoris with the other hand.

She closed her eyes and, as her pace quickened, she began to raise her hips with every stroke.  I was on the verge of orgasm, and no longer had the desire or will to contain myself.  I firmly grasped my manhood and began rapidly stroking.  As I began to climax, each contraction produced a stream of white-hot liquid, which landed on my belly and filled my belly button.  Fully satiated, I turned my attention back to my wife.  As her love hole gripped the thrusting vibrator, she was beginning to whimper.  Her other hand was busy skillfully fondling her enlarged clitoris.  Raising her hips, her face grimaced as, wave after wave, she began to experience several intense orgasms.  Afterwards we popped some popcorn and finished watching our movie

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