Be a Gentleman!

The piece of advice I’d give to young men starting a courtship is ‘be a gentleman’. I remember the first date with my husband. I was living with my Grannie and she’d invited these real square guys round. I was in a real sulk but in spite of that I really liked Pete and to my joy he asked me out for a meal with him. I’d been on dates before where guys had tried to climb into my clothes and I’d had to remind them my big brother was a football player! Those were always short lived. I’d somewhat unwisely put on a short skirt (which earned me a slap on the rear from Grannie!) but Pete was an absolute gentleman. He told me how stunning I looked, opened every door for me, took me to a very nice place and paid for EVERYTHING. I like the last bit!

We had real interesting conversation and by the end of the evening I felt I’d known him all my life. I just felt so safe with him. Then he got me home on time (Grannie liked him for that!) and thanked me for giving him a lovely evening. With my permission he then kissed me goodnight on the cheek before I went in. When I went to bed that night I knew I had found my man!

He continued to be the gentleman throughout our courtship which was wonderful. He was firm but gentle with an effortless authority and love that really made me respect him.

We saved ourselves for our wedding night and the first time we made love the thing that struck me was that he gave me every consideration. I’d had horror stories from other women who had been given a rough time on their wedding nights, but not Pete. I was really up tight but he allowed me complete freedom to go at my own pace with him. I got undressed in the bathroom and then came out in a short night dress. He fondled me so lovingly to arouse me and made sure I had my pleasure as well as him. He was SO gentle in entering me and I never experienced the real pain a lot of my friends had told me about. The first time I felt his manly liquid pour into my body was a wonderful experience. I felt really married.

I felt so proud we had ‘done it’ for the first time and it gave me a lot of confidence to make love. We soon dispensed with any form of covering and did it naked. I found Pete to be quite earthy and we soon had a lot of fun with our bodies because I felt so safe with him. Sex became a real pleasure to me because my husband was and is a gentleman.

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