Extended Fun

Make sure you have an hour or two, but don’t let your husband know you are horny, or it will spoil the first thing.  Take your husband’s pants off and suck his penis while it’s still soft.  You can get it all the way in your mouth that way – he will love it.  Suck him until he ejaculates.  You can then assume the 69 position if you desire.  This is so hot lying on your sides facing each other’s genitals.

Then be ready with your vibrator and let him bring you to climax over and over.  Hopefully, he will perform oral sex on you also, climaxing you multiple times via clitoris and vagina.  By the time you have climaxed several times, his penis will be hard again and you can have more intercourse.

You can take a bath together to prepare yourselves for another session if it’s not too late and you’re not too relaxed at this point!  This can take as long as you want and it is pleasurable for both of you.

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