Special Outfits

I like to watch the clearance racks at clothing stores for “special outfits.”  These are things that I only wear when my husband and I are home alone.  For example, I’ve gotten a couple of skirts that are way too short or way too tight off the clearance rack for very cheap.

I will dress up in a super short shirt not wearing any panties or sexy panties.  I will buy a very revealing top. I will leave the bra off.  But it always seems that these outfits don’t stay on very long!

Sometimes I will masturbate during the day with my “cheap” clothe on.  My fingers are filled my scent. My husband likes the smell of that perfume. I am so hot from masturbating, thinking about my husband that I let him have me as much as he wants. He just lifts up my skirt.

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