Simple Things

It was a brisk Friday afternoon in fall and I was on my way home from work.  I was looking forward to a quite, relaxing evening with my wife, Alex.  The kids would be at the sitter’s house, so we would be able to enjoy a peaceful house for the first time in many weeks.  Perhaps we would rent a movie and grab some take-out and cuddle up on the couch.  I walked in the door, set down my brief case and began hanging up my coat.  Alex was sitting at her desk, where she often is when I get home from work, but on this night, she was wearing her blue bathrobe instead of her regular jeans and tee shirt.  She got up from her seat and began to walk towards me with a big smile on her beautiful, red lips.  Her long, brown hair was pulled up into a cute pony tail which made her look girlish and emphasized her sexy face.  As she walked slowly up to me, she untied the belt of her robe and allowed it to slide off her shoulders and onto the floor.

I was stunned to see that she had fashioned around herself lingerie made of nothing but saran-wrap!  We had joked around in the past about wearing saran wrap, but up to that night, it had remained just that, a humorous joke.  It was really a work of art.  She had twisted the top in the middle between her breasts making an hour-glass shape to perfectly hold and showcase her deliciously round and petit breasts.  The bottom was sort of a mini-skirt that ended just a fraction of an inch below her crotch, with the clear plastic wrap revealing and at the same time obscuring the shape of her curves, her neatly trimmed hair patch and the delicate fold of skin between each thigh and her pubic area.  I feasted my eyes on her amazing body, creamy white and oh, so soft.  Then I put my arms around her ran my hands up and down her spine, feeling the soft dimples just above her butt and the curve of the small of her back and the softness of her skin with my finger tips.  I kissed her lips and they spread.  My tongue entered her wet mouth and we exchanged a passionate and lingering kiss.  Then I took a half step back, still holding her waist with one hand, as I took her in with my eyes and explored the front of her body with my other hand.  The saran was stretched tight in places making it easy to see through, but bunched up and loose in other places.  I reached around again and felt her soft butt through the slick plastic.  She began to unbutton my shirt as I kissed her neck.

The smell of her perfume flooded my senses and made me a bit lightheaded.  I pushed her forward and she walked backward with small steps until we had made our way to the edge of the large, wooden roll-top desk.  She finished taking my shirt off, then I reached under each of her arms and lifted her small, 120 pound body and set her on the edge of the desk.  I positioned myself between her legs and ran my hands up her sides from her knees, to her thighs, past the homemade mini-skirt, across her soft skin, to the sides of her breasts and then back down again, all the while never unlocking our mouths from the long, feverish kiss in which we were engaged.  I pulled the office chair up behind me and sat down.  I leaned forward and kissed her stomach and put my tongue into her belly-button.  She grabbed the edge of the desk and arched her back, then wrapped her hands around my head and held me close to her warm body.  She placed one foot on each side of the chair I was sitting on, which elevated her knees to just below my shoulders as I sat there in front of her hot body.  I brought my arms down under her legs, continuing to feel her sides with my hands.  I leaned back enough to view that amazing and delicate flower between her legs.  It was full and rosy, a glisten of sweet nectar was appearing between the “petals” of her lips.  I slowly inched my face closer to her as she returned her hands to the desk so she could push herself up toward me.  Her legs spread and I slowly kissed her softness.  I gently closed my lips around her soft skin and kissed my way from one thigh to the other, then down the left side of her slit and up the right side.

Finally, I kissed the center and slowly parted my lips and entered her with my tongue.  I moved my tongue up and down inside her lips exploring every millimeter of her soft, wet womanhood.  When my tongue came to the top of the opening, I could feel her clit which was now swollen and excited.  I circled her clit over and over again with the tip of my tongue as she began to press harder and harder against me.  Then I alternated between sliding my tongue down one side, up the other, then circling her clit, then down one side again, my tongue making its journey like a wandering seaman, lost in the ocean currents.  When she could stand it no more, she gave me our special signal.  She tickled the sides of my head with her fingers letting me know that she was ready and she wanted me to switch from my tongue to something bigger and better.  I stood up and undid my pants.  I let them drop to my ankles along with my underwear and stepped out of them.  I could feel the head of my penis pulsate with excitement and anticipation.  I pointed it at her soft pussy and leaned forward causing it to rise along her slit in an upward motion so that my head slid along the opening, up to her clit and then into her trim pubic hair.  She grabbed my sides and pushed and pulled me back and forth several times to repeat this teasing motion, each time my penis riding a bit deeper into the fold, but passing over the opening due to the angle of the motion.

Then she reached down and grabbed my penis, pointed it toward her pussy and began rubbing it on her soft opening.  Soon it was getting deeper inside and she returned her hands to my sides.  We began to rock back and forth slowly at first and them more and more feverishly.  I pressed my pubic bone hard against her clit which drove me deeper inside, but at the same time set off the magical chain of events which flood her body with pleasure.  I can almost always tell by her response when she reaches the point of climax.  After we reached the pinnacle of pleasure, we collapsed in each other’s arms and held each other right.  That wonderful day has given me a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life … like an old, wooden roll-top desk or some saran wrap.

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