Sexy Nights that your Husband May Love

This list will contain ideas that may not appeal to everyone and that is OK.   If your husband indicates that he would enjoy one of these, and you want to play on of these out together, by all means do so.  If not, then just enjoy the great variety of sex that is available within married sex.  It never has to be dull or repetitious unless you let it.

1.  Role Play, husband picks the outfit –   I have her put on a plain white button up shirt, a simple skirt, and some reading glasses from the drug store.   Drop off the overspending part of the role-play, she is now just in trouble for some un-named offense. I just make her undress one garment at a time while I set dressed.  I may also have her stand facing the closed bedroom door near the hinged side of the door once she is down to just her bra and panties.   Then I have her stand there while I pull her panties down to her knees.  I leave her like that for around 60.

2. Role Play, additional changes to the outfit  –  Drop off the glasses.  Change the skirt to a pleated skirt either solid navy blue, or plaid.   Add blue knee socks.  Everything else stays the same.

3. Role Play, final changes – I ask her to put her hair in pigtails with a couple pieces of ribbon.   I ask her to shave her pubic hair.   Then I have her wear a simple unpadded bra that is a cup size too small.  Then I have her lay on the bed and spread her legs.  Finally have hot sex with her.

4. French Maid – She puts on a French Maid Halloween costume and has a feather
duster.   She has repeatedly missed dusting the TV screen and is ready to face
the consequences.  She gets a good over the knee spanking.

5. Play doctor – I got a stethoscope from the drug store and came up with a lab coat from a thrift store I think.   I had her undress completely as I stepped out of the room.  When I came back in she was setting on the edge of the bed with one of my white dress shirt on backwards to act as the exam gown.   Then I gave her a good exam.  Check for lumps in her breast.  Ask her about sex response, yes you will likely need to test some nerves there. Have fun.

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