A Wife Blessing to a Tired Hubby

He was exhausted the night before from work, so I didn’t want to exhaust him more by having sex.  Instead, we went out for a nice dinner and when we returned to our room, I lit some candles, put on some soothing music, and gave him a head to toe massage without going near his genital area.  I rubbed his back, shoulders, temples, neck, thighs, feet, arms, hands, you name it I massaged it.

By the time I was done he was so relaxed and so aroused that he couldn’t contain himself. I then placed my body on top of his and told him not to move a muscle. I kissed him softly and made love to him very slowly. He was so turned on and so sensitive down there that he moaned louder than I’ve ever heard him moan.

That night he slept like a baby and woke up more refreshed than ever.  Even though I didn’t climax that night, I woke up feeling better than ever.  Seeing how good I could make my husband feel was the most fulfilled feeling I’ve ever had.

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