Essentials For A Happy Christian Marriage Romance Life

Christian marriage romance is about feelings … feelings of love … feelings of passion … feelings that lead to that special touch  … that warm embrace … to cuddling … to sexual arousal … and ultimately to the strengthening of the marriage bonds through satisfying pleasure and intense orgasm.

Someone once said the largest sex organ is the brain.  Christian marriage romance starts in the mind … maybe it was her husband’s smile of approval … maybe his wife’s gentle squeeze … maybe their kissing on a moon filled night …

Christian marriage romance is about the many paths a married couple may take to experience a fulfilled sex life.  Christian marriage romance starts with a happy marriage.

Here are some of the necessary ingredients for a happy Christian marriage and a fulfilled romance and sex life.

Keep Christ at the center of your marriage.  Live to glorify God and serve others, especially the less fortunate.

Maintain harmony within your marriage by meeting each other’s needs and desires through mutual love, caring, respect and compromise.  Be in agreement on all issues in life.

Be a person of character.  Be a hard worker, responsible and dependable.  Be a kind loving person.

With sincerity, compliment each other and express love for each other several times a day.

Forgive each other daily and unconditionally.  Genuinely like, respect and appreciate your spouse.

Maintain the proper sleep, nutrition and exercise to stay healthy.

Set aside “alone time” to spend together to nurture your marriage relationship and marriage romance.

Understand the freedom God gives couples to use romance aides to help your marriage.

Commit to not condemning others for things God does not condemn them for in the Bible.  This attitude is a big part of loving your neighbor as yourself and not being a stumbling block to those who might get saved.

Study the New Testament and obey God’s commandments.  Do good works and show love and mercy to others.

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