The Art of Breast Play

One of my favorite things to do during foreplay is to play with my wife’s breasts. When she’s on her back I love to move my whole hand around on them squeezing them into her body. I could sit and admire her beautiful pink nipples for hours if I had the time. I also enjoy being behind her and reaching around her to fondle them. When she leans forward slightly so that they dangle into my hands I can’t resist but grind my groin against her bottom through our trousers.

Another of my favorite breast activities is to play with her nipples. I normally begin to do this by squeezing or rolling them between my fingers. After a while when they’re hard and my wife seems like she can’t take much more teasing I slowly bring my mouth to them. At first I breathe gently on her beautiful mounds before I then begin to take a nipple in my mouth. She likes me to suck hard on a nipple and then let it pop out of my mouth. I also give her little kisses all over and between her breasts. Sometimes I kiss down her sides too although she finds this very ticklish. Other times I like to suck as much of her breast into my mouth as I can. This is a great turn on for her and I really enjoy it to.

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