Sex Priority

That night we agreed that sex was a main priority in our marriage. It wasn’t something to deny the other simply because we didn’t feel like it. God has placed a real spiritual connection in having sex with your spouse. We found that through not denying each other our relationship began to intensify. He would come home to find me waiting in the bed completely naked with candles burning or on some nights I would slowly unzip his pants and give him his welcome home kiss in a really erotic fashion. Other nights he would treat me to a warm sensuous massage that led to wonderful foreplay or he would surprise me with oral sex just as I was about to drift off to sleep. Needless to say, we began really enjoying sex again!

The next commitment we made was to make sure we kept the romance and communication alive in our marriage. We agreed to make time for a really special date every two weeks. We save up $25 a week so that we will have $50 to spend enjoying a night out together. Every month we each have to plan one of the dates. It is so much fun trying to figure out what we are going to do to surprise the other. And the anticipation that builds up to our special night together definitely keeps the sparks flying.

Overall, we are definitely getting the intimacy back in our relationship. We learned the hard way what it feels like to become emotionally separated. We learned that love is truly an action. So our advice would be to take the time and be willing to put forth the effort to let your spouse know how much he or she means to you. Do little things all throughout the day that say I love you. Be creative in your love life and experiment with sex. Enjoy the wonderful marriage partner God has given you. Also, most importantly read your Bible at night together before bed. You will then feel God’s presence in the room as you make love. It feels so wonderful to delight in your spouse and your Savior at the same time!

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