Tenth Anniversary Morning

The summer sun streamed in the window as I blinked myself awake. Hmmm, what was it that pulled me out of that dream? Ohhhhh. I grinned as I wiggled my ass against my snoozing husband’s morning hard-on. ‘Better than a glass of orange juice!’ I thought to myself.

He was still breathing the sleep of the almost-innocent (in his case) as his hand found my breast and his fingers began squeezing my nipple.

“Morning,” he mumbled into my shoulder.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I chirped back.

He nudged me with his shoulder and I assumed ‘the position,’ lifting my head to allow him to wrap his arm around me so he could reach both my breasts at the same time.

His fingers wasted no time in teasing both nipples to pebbled hardness as I sighed and wriggled against him some more. I could feel his cock nudging against my ass, and squirmed in appreciation.

He nibbled my neck and continued to tease me until I began to whimper, already wanting to cum.

“Oh no, not yet,” he whispered, giving me a gentle pinch. “I have other ideas this morning.”


He unwrapped himself from around me, and pushed me onto my back. Okay, that’s more like it! I spread my legs for him, making him chuckle.

“Relax, baby,” he murmured. “I’m NOT thinking what you’re thinking.”


He gave me a long, deep kiss, making me whimper and squirm again, then pulled away with a peck on my nose. He leaned away and pulled the covers down past my feet, exposing me completely.

I sighed, resigned to his ministrations, knowing exactly where this was going, and tried not to grin any bigger. His ego was insufferable already.

He started by gently sucking my nipples, back and forth, until I was moaning again. The only other sensation was the gentle stirring of the air from the ceiling fan. He chuckled as the goosebumps chased around my skin.

Eventually—it seemed like forever—he slid his hand down over my mound and slipped one finger between my pussy lips. I sighed in appreciation as he found my clit and began his teasing in earnest.

He knows my body entirely too well. Just a few well-placed strokes and my hips were moving in time. I could feel my clit swell from his attentions and knew it wouldn’t be long—if I was very, very lucky.

Ha! No such luck! He removed his finger and grasped my right breast, squeezing me until my nipple stood up, then swooped in with his mouth and sucked until I thought the rest of me would be turned inside-out and drawn into his mouth.

I started to catch on after I started to moan again. Every time he got me to that point, he would stop and move on to something else, back and forth between my pussy and my breasts. He’s evil like that.

Finally I couldn’t stand it any more. I grabbed for his hand as he worked my clit again and tried desperately to use it as my own personal sex toy. He let me, for a few more strokes. Then, just as I could feel myself teetering on the edge of a much-wanted orgasm, he shook my hand off and sat back, away from me.

I’m not proud, I shrieked in frustration. He kissed me again and whispered “patience.”

Yeah, right. That’s not my name OR my preference.
Still holding onto my hand, he guided me to his cock. He was so wonderfully hard already. My fingers wrapped around him and I began stroking him with long, slow, gently-squeezing strokes. My thumb found that special spot on his glans that makes him twitch, and I brushed it every few strokes, earning me a deep happy rumble in return.

We were locked in a wonderful embrace, him teasing my clit while I stroked his cock at my side, for long wonderful minutes, until he finally broke away.

I whimpered and he looked at me, smiling, then held his finger up to his lips, shushing me.

He slid between my legs, pushing them wider apart, sliding his strong hands under my ass, pulling my pussy lips open with his thumbs.

He started with little nibbles along my inner thighs, followed by soft licks of my shaved labia, just barely staying to the outside. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more teasing, he shifted his attentions, fucking my dripping hole with his tongue and making deliberately lewd slurping noises. My giggles quickly turned to gasps as he began licking me with broad sweeps of his tongue from just below my twitching hole all the way up to my clit. Every time he made contact with that swollen bud he made me shiver and gasp. And every time he heard exactly what he wanted he made me shiver with his deep chuckles, which seemed to vibrate right inside me.

My hands fluttered to his shoulders and the back of his head, and I tried not to surround him with my legs and push him deeper. He went back to fucking me relentlessly with his tongue until I was gasping and writhing.

“Oh god oh god, honey, I’m going to cum, I have to cum, oh godddd” I moaned. He redoubled his efforts on my clit and sent me into a screaming writhing orgasmic frenzy.

As I finally came down, he looked up at me and grinned. My juices covered his neatly trimmed beard and made him look like he was sparkling, to my bleary eyes. I blew him a kiss, he winked, and returned to his attack.

Yes, attack…it was nothing less. He caught my clit between his lips and began to suck gently. My hips dipped and wriggled of their own volition until he made me still by digging his fingernails into my ass checks. That just made me moan louder.

He fastened his lips to my clit and teased me into one, then two, then three more orgasms. Finally, I was limp and could only just barely tremble against him. I vaguely waved a hand in surrender, making him laugh.

He slid up along my body, grasping my breasts in his strong hands. I could only mumble something like ‘you’re crazy’ as he teased my nipples again, making me groan out loud and try to roll to my side.

He kept me pinned, though, until his hips were on level with my shoulders. His cock bounced into my view and he stroked himself right in front of me. He teased me, guiding his cock to my lips and brushing them with the purple head. He even bumped me on the nose once, leaving a shining thread of pre-cum that made me giggle again.

He shifted forward onto his knees and brushed my lips with his swollen member. I lifted my head and pursued him, reaching out to connect with my tongue. Finally, I seemed to capture him, although I know he only let me. He shifted his hips forward and allowed his cock to slide into my mouth. I sucked him in greedily.

He began slipping in & out of  my mouth, oh so slowly at first. He moaned softly and told me how good my mouth felt. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and began to explore his silken hardness with my tongue, sucking a little when I could, relaxing entirely as he pulled away. We fell into a rhythm, set by him, as he thrusted and I greedily sucked him in return.

My eyes found his as he gazed down at me and I grinned around him. I could feel his shaft twitch as I licked the underside right where I knew he liked it most. His eyes got vague, just a little, and shifted again to fill my mouth even deeper. He began pumping into me, slow and steady, balancing himself against the bed’s headboard. I continued licking him with long strokes, taking him as deeply as I could. His breathing quickened, his eyes got that faraway look, and I knew it would only be moments until I got my reward.

My hips moved with his as he managed to lean back a little. His hand swept back across my hip, and his fingers found my clit again. I knew this wasn’t the best position for him, so I lifted my and began sucking and licking his head & shaft as well as I could.

He cried out at almost the same time I did. As my heart hammered and my clit throbbed, his balls tightened into the base of his cock, and his cum suddenly poured into my mouth. He grabbed my hair with his free hand and pulled me deeper onto his shaft. I swallowed frantically, trying to breathe at the same time.

At last he pulled himself out of my mouth and threw himself over onto the bed beside me.

He kissed my face & mouth and told me how wonderful I was, then dropped to his back, panting as much as I was.

Eventually he reached over and pushed the tangled hair away from my face, gave me a long look, an impudent grin, and told me “Happy Tenth Anniversary!”

I twisted to snuggle up against him, grinning, and told him ‘you too, my love! I can’t wait to see what the next ten years brings us!’

He smiled back at me. “If every day starts like this, it’s going to be a wonderful decade!”

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