Saturday Morning

This morning we awoke late but it was Saturday and we did not have any real plans.  We had gone to sleep late due to catching up on household responsibilities since we had just returned from our annual trip to the beautiful state of Florida.  While in Florida we were busy with different activities and enjoyed the company of our children leaving very little time for romantic encounters.

Generally, over the now 20 plus years of our marriage, we have tried to use our vacations to “make up for lost time” and engage in several sensual moments.  Of course, as the children grow older those times are diminishing.

This morning everyone was extra tired and one of the children was staying with a friend overnight.  This provided us with some much needed and desired privacy.  I wasn’t sure anything was going to develop but after my wife began to rub her body against mine I quickly began to understand she was thinking along the same lines I was.

When I returned to the bed from a quick trip to the bathroom I was asked very subtly why I still had on my underwear.  This is a sign that she did not have on anything at all…I was right.  I moved very close to her and placed my face near her nipples and then she placed her hand behind my head and pulled me into her breasts.  Her nipples were instantly erect and she moaned with pleasure as I began to suck and move my tongue over both of them.

As we lay side by side I also reached around and placed my hand in between legs and felt her wet and smooth clitoris.  She shaves and is always very bare for me to taste at certain times.  She arched her back so that I could continue to spend several minutes sucking and tasting her wonderful breasts, then she rolled on her back and motioned for me to get above her.

She reached her hands and grabbed my penis with both hands and began to rub it against her clitoris.  The pleasure was subdued but intense as well since it had been almost a week since we had been together in any way.  I was close to climaxing so I repositioned myself until she was dripping love juices and breathing very hard.

Shortly she began to climax and I followed her soon thereafter.  As we collected ourselves I told her…”Your breasts satisfy me at all times and I really like your flavor!!”

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