A Husbands Embrace

While my husband Joseph and I were laying atop a red and white checkered summer picnic blanket, slowly crushing the garden of white spring clover beneath us with our combined weight, my lover looked at me amusingly enjoying the fresh Country air blowing softly through the weeping willow trees, we shared a mutual passion that was oftentimes hidden from the rest of the world around us.

Many couples don’t share such joy.

We had been separated for almost two whole months while he was out on an assignment for the magazine that he writes for on Nature.

I had missed the scent of his naked body, I had missed the taste of him upon my lips I had also missed the sweet vanilla scent of his body!

I was getting more and more hungry for him as the minutes went by.

We were seated upon a beautiful grassy knoll with rolling hills and lush vegetation completely surrounding us as we observed the scenery all around us, also checking for any other occupants in the abandoned field that day to make certain that we were totally alone.  There was no hurry to get back to our offices because we had taken the whole day off to languidly bathe in one another.  Also surrounding us on all four sides was a large shrub of blackberry bushes that were in the full bloom of the season and were hanging largely from the thick dark vines, resembling that of a woman’s torso with pouting nipples there just waiting to be touched by the soft admiring hands of a lover.

As I began to relax more, the slit of my soft summer dress raised up my leg to reveal the curvature of my thighs.  “Mmmmhhh” said Richard to me as his hands found their way up my dress to feel where the sun had just warmed me there.

I had already gotten a little sun on them so they were pretty warm and enticing to him at this point.  He took his time and slid his fingers back and forth creating some friction as he rubbed me back and forth.
We spent more tan a few minutes sipping red wine out of beautiful crystal glasses he had packed for us earlier, so by this point we were both feeling pretty giddy.

I could see the desire growing in his eyes when he looked at me of just how bad he really wanted me. And clearly evident was the desire that he had for me and the need that he felt at that moment, the more noticeable fact that was becoming evident physically.

We were almost ready to make love, but not the usual rhythmic way that we did it at home, because we weren’t at home.  This was something new, so our lovemaking had to be something new as well!

He picked some of the juiciest berries and brought them back for me to sample and they had a sweet yet slightly tangy taste to them as each one after another crushed softly between my teeth staining my tongue slightly with a dark blue coloring.  I love blackberries and had ever since my Grandmother used to take me picking them in a field just behind our old house.

“Ough, I have a very naughty idea” he teased to me then lowered the strap of my spaghetti strapped tank top low enough to place the blackberry onto my breast.  He crushed it gently against my areola rubbing it and it’s nectar onto my sensitive peak.  A mixture of the sun and his touch warmed me from the inside out.

Then, his warm tongue traced where the berry had been only moments before causing an electric wave of pleasure to run ramped through my body wildly as he now teased both of my nipples with the berry and his tongue in unison.
I saw the now more than visible result growing inside of his pants as desire pushed him onward.  He was now running on pure lust and he was a sight to behold when he was this way.

I was so lucky to have him, as he is such a wonderful lover.  His kindness towards me always shows me that he cares very deeply for me.

His warm accommodating tongue probed and tickled my nipples until I thought that I could hardly stand it for one single moment longer.  Then he drew me closely into his warm safe arms then kissed me with a fevered passion.

I could tell that I was only moments away from pouncing on him like a cat but he wasn’t about to make it easy for me if you know what I mean.

He was clearly going to torture my body with pleasure.

His arms wrapped around me tighter as he caressed my body all over with his hands as they played a beautiful soft symphony upon my bare skin.  My breasts came together wiggling like a young nubile cheerleader’s when he would tickle me in the delicate area just below my belly button.

I thought that I would die from the pleasure of it all if he kept this up much longer!

And watching my breasts jiggling beneath him caused him to moan softly into my neck “Ohhh those are sooo nice” he could barely hold himself in check as his tongue continued it’s assault upon my near naked flesh.

When his tongue got to my pretty white cotton panties, they suddenly commanding his attention.

He had to then quickly unfasten the button of his pants then I heard an equally fast zipper being let down to release his arousal from within the tight restrained confines of his blue jeans.

He had a perfect manhood as well. And he let me see just a little peek of it just below the waistband of his under ware by teasing me slightly by not allowing me to see the full arousal that he was now keeping a secret from me.

Oh what a rascal he was!

Within moments of witnessing his growing perfection, my hands slid below his waist to his trousers to open them up more so that I could slide my fingers softly yet firmly around the base of him.

He then raised the bottom of my dress up to his waist so he could slide his hands beneath it firmly lowering my panties down to my knees in the process and looking around to be certain that no-one could see us.

There was a tenderness to his touch that was very pleasurable indeed.

I found myself almost begging him at this point to please continue.

Yes, I needed more, so much more from him.  He had to stop momentarily to wipe some beads of perspiration from off of his brow line.

It was getting harder and harder for him to hold himself back.

It seemed that I was giving him quite a workout at this point.
I arched my pelvis up against him, more eager now, trying to lull him in between my thighs, wanting him, needing more from him.

As I felt myself about to give way, he arched himself forcefully between my thighs and proved his final mastery over my body.

Within moments all around me began to go gray as clouds came to deliver me into the heavens.

I cried out “Please Joseph, more!” as I commanded him to continue onward.

“Oh my honey!” was all my husband could muster as he buried his face into my neck joining me in our mutual ascent into the heavens.

His pace quickened. His legs stiffened and trembled now. Almost time.
“Aghgghghg” he whispered softly as I felt his whole body first tense then quiver slowly with a new softness.

Then my husband laid down beside me for some time to give his heart a chance to calm back down while I lay watching the last white puffs of cottony clouds passing overhead.

He snuggled up close to me then and we fell asleep in one another’s arms.

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