A day To Remember

Saturday was truly a beautiful day, my husband and I woke early when the sun was just rising. We laid in bed discussing our plans for the day. He needed to stop by his office, he needed to check on a few jobs and the rest of the day he is mine. I had no plans so he invited me along for the company. And I had been wanting to see his latest job. We made plans when we were done to go to the beach and eat fresh fish on the peir and listen to the marriachis.

We drove the convertible, listening to oldies and singing along.  We saw the first job, at the second job I was so impressed by his knowledge and his hard work. I am a very proud wife. We got back in the car, I kissed him and told him what a great job he had done.

I became very romantic, I started to rub his thigh, I leaned over and put my head on his shoulder, I unbuttoned his shirt and began to rub his chest. I think I have the most handsome, strong and caring husband on this earth. He kissed me on the head and told me how much he loved me. He said we are made for each other like metal and a magnet. I agree. When we lay in bed, our bodies together it just feels right. We got to his office and went inside. He was making blue prints, reading messages and going through the mail. I went and sat at his desk. He turned on some music and asked how much of a hurry was I in? I wasn’t.

He came over to his desk and sat on it right in front of me, He then told me to relax and rest my head on his thighs. He began to massage my shoulders and my back. I was feeling great, I didn’t want him to stop. Next thing you know one of his workers came to get his check. As my husband stood I could see a bulge in the front of his jeans, I grinned and sat back waiting for him to return. When he returned he asked me to rub his shoulders. I sat on his desk and he sat in the chair. I slowly rubbed his neck, moving down to his shoulders and around to his chest. I love to feel his muscles. I removed his shirt, and looked in his eyes and told him how much I love him. After a quick massage he asked me to lay back on his desk. He raised my skirt and rubbed my thighs, kissing so gently so I could feel his mustache tickle me. He then pulled me to the edge so my bottom was hanging off.

He began to tease me, he kissed my clitoris, he kissed my vagina he licked me from front to back. I always wanted him to find my G spot, a friend told me about the total exhiliration and all the hot love juice that squirts out. He placed one finger inside me and began to move it in and out, faster and harder while he was licking my clitoris. I wanted to orgasm but I wanted to feel the ejaculation, I never knew women could ejaculate like a man, and I know he didn’t. He gives me the most pleasure and if he knew I would have been doing it for years.

I told him what I wanted, he told me just to tell him where to rub. I wasn’t even quite sure. We played for awhile kissing and teasing each other. We decided we better get going. We were now headed for the peir. He needed to stop at a book store to get a new organizer, so I just waited in the car. We got to our favorite location, walking hand in hand, kissing and playing with each other. After lunch we decided to take a walk on the beach. It was a gorgeous day, he asked if I wanted to sit and rest awhile, that was fine with me. We talked and laughed. Time passed and he said he need to go to the bathroom for me just to wait here. I laid back and closed my eyes and felt very peaceful. He soon returned, under his arm was a book, he began to read it to me, telling me where my G spot is, telling me how it is to be rubbed, telling me how it is suppose to feel. I was becoming very excited, I wanted him at that moment. But we are on a public beach, that wasn’t going to happen. He grabbed me by the hand, feeling his excitement
was so fun.

We hurried to the car. He asked if we could get a hotel instead of driving back home. That was great. I rubbed his thigh as he drove ocassionaly rubbing his penis by accident. I could feel how bad he wanted me. We checked in to the closest hotel hurrying in to the room. He undressed me, I undressed him, kissing his mouth deep and long, his penis was so big and hard. We decided to go over the book again. It was thrilling listening to him explain how it works. By the time he touched my vagina I was ready to orgasm – nothing like ejaculation. He started by inserting just one finger and rubbing around until he found what he was looking for. I told him babe you found it, he spent many minutes working away at me. I needed to relax, I was wanting his penis so bad. I then begged him to let me suck his penis, he knows how turned on I get when I have it in my mouth.

After an hour of pleasure I began to feel what I wanted to feel, I grabbed his hand and told him this is it, I exploded hot love juice all over. I screamed, I pulled him on top of me I begged him to take me all the way. He slid his big penis inside me, I was wetter than I had ever been. He pumped hard and fast. He turned me over to feel his penis hitting my G spot and man did it ever. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, 12 years of marriage, great sex, and this was a first. I couldn’t stop ejaculating 5 times and each time got better. He told me to hold on to the pillow, that this was the ride of my life. He pushed, he pushed harder, he made me crazy. I begged him to ejaculate I couldn’t handle anymore. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way into him and let out a hot creamy load. We then collapsed on to the bed. Holding each other tight, kissing and talking about our adventure. What a day to remember!

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