Dessert Before Dinner

A few weeks ago I sent my wife a very nice email.  I used a type font that was somewhat flirty in it’s style.  Here’s what I wrote: “You know what I would fantasize about doing to you?  When I come home from work, you would have about 5-10 minutes of “free time” to where I can take you upstairs, close the door, gently undo your pants, slide off your panties, and give you oral sex.  I would love to gently swirl your clitoris with my tongue, then coming in and out of your vagina with my tongue, and going back to your love nub.  I would love to satisfy you and watch you get it off.

I would love to look across the dinner table at you, knowing that I just satisfied you!  May I have the honor???

Whatever you want, you’ve got!”

When I came home, my wife had the kids “organized” to where they knew what they needed to get done to make dinner happen.  She was definitely waiting for me!  When I came in the back door, she walked toward me with a sultry look that makes me very hard and wet!  As she came to me, her hips were swaying side to side and when she wrapped her arms around my neck, she pressed her breasts into me and whispered things I dare not repeat (use your own imagination!!).  She then told me that she had on something special for me.

We went up to our bedroom.  In the time since I sent the email to her, she went shopping for a new lingerie set.  She had on a very flirty and lacey bra and boy short.  She had bathed and put a fresh scent on her love mound.  She was so ready.

I closed the door, put on some incense.  She remained standing.  I came over to her and so gently unbuttoned her blouse.  What a lovely set of breasts she has.  They are truly a “loving hind and a graceful doe” as Solomon put it!  After taking her blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms, I undid her pants and slid them down.  By this time I could feel myself getting very hard and wet as well.  I began to lick on her through her panties and then slid them down her legs.  All of the touch and anticipation had made her so wet inside.

I could resist no longer.  She lay down on the bed and I began to lick her clitoris and vagina.  I love her taste!  As I flicked her clitoris with my tongue, she was massaging her nipples and breathing so hard.  I knew that she was getting ready to climax so I asked her to get on top of me.  I had her come up over my face and when she climaxed, I got to drink my fill of her!  I call it her love nectar.

Oh, the look of satisfaction on her face!  She had her eyes closed tight as a kitten and almost purring like one!  For a quick tease, she undid my pants to see my swollen shaft.  I was wet all over.  She loves to take my juices and place them on her nipples for me to lick off.

She told me that my surprise would come in the evening… and it did!  But that’s another story.

We got ourselves together and went down for dinner.  Our precious kids had the table all set and dinner was ready.  What a blessing they are!  It was so fun to look across our table at the woman whom I am given to!  She was pleased, and so was I!

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