Sexy Tryst – Cabin Vacation

Sexy Tryst -My wife and I have friends that own a home/cabin that we all go stay at occasionally. The sleeping area is unique in that it is a screened in back porch with cedar walls. It’s right next to a river and smells fantastic on cool summer nights. What makes it even more interesting is that everyone has to sleep on the back porch so no fooling around…

Our first night there my wife and I were sleeping with me spooning her. Despite there being multiple families there we still all slept with our spouses. Like usual I felt myself getting hard and lightly pressed myself against my wife. She immediately pressed back arched her back so my penis would rest between her legs. Intrigued I quietly reached around and stroked her leg … she pressed harder.

My penis was rock hard and she quietly and lightly pressed up against and began to grind on it. I reached my hand around at this point and slid my fingers down her silk panties and felt her. She was soaking wet and I slid my middle finger down into her like a fish hook pressing against her g-spot. Her hips wiggled coaxing me deeper and she reached behind grabbed my penis and pulled as if begging for it. I quietly and gently slid off her shorts being sure to not make any noise and pressed my penis up to her lips. She slightly elevated her leg and I slid in her pussy as slow as I could handle.

Her whole body was shaking and I slid slowly, slowly and repetitively. I would pull out, let it touch her for a sec and then slowly press it back in. I could feel every part of her pussy. I deliberately and slowly made love to her. There are certainly times when thrusting hard and fast is amazing, but slowly and deeply fucking my wife is the best to me. Her orgasm built rapidly, but because of the pace released slow and deep. Her body clinched and shook and she poured cum everywhere. My penis was soaked and I pressed up as deep and hard as I could go and released into her. She rolled over and faced me and kissed me with her tongue and groaned deeply. Two huge orgasms, no sound, perfect. Wow, what a sexy tryst.

The following morning we went for a walk on the river. We reached a slightly hidden spot and she turned to me and said, “Last night drove me wild, I need to fuck again… now.”  Sexy tryst  to be continued.

By: vastateparksstaff

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  1. BlessedMan says:

    Very hot! Me wife and I had a similar experience on our second anniversary, while traveling with my parents, and two siblings…all sharing one hotel room. Needless to say, like your tryst, sometimes pressing the limits, while trying to stay below the threshold of detection, can be very erotic all on it’s own.

    Keep writing, you’ve got the touch…

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