Wife Masturbates

Adventurous Wife Surprises Husband

All day long my mind had wandered as I anticipated the evening planned by my wife.  That morning I knew she was feeling frisky. I had just emerged from the shower when she handed me a pair of silky blue bikini underwear.  “Here, put these on”.  After arriving at the office she called to tell me that she had made reservations at a local seafood restaurant.

The day dragged on until 5:30 that evening when I heard a knock on the door to my office.  “Come in”. I said.  My wife stepped through the door in a flowing turquoise dress and white high heels.  Glancing down, I noticed her red painted toe-nails through her sheer white pantyhose.  As she closed the door and leaned close I caught a whiff of her Obsession perfume.  “Know what I want?” she whispered teasingly.  I could feel my love shaft engorging with blood as she lightly caressed the bulge growing beneath my suit pants.  “Let me guess.” I responded with a whisper.  “Oh,” she said glancing at her watch, “the reservations are for six o’clock, we better go.

At dinner, the waiter served succulent lobsters with hot butter to dip them in.  She had dropped several hints throughout the evening that tonight was going to be very special.  Little did I know how special.  As we sipped the last of the wine, she slid her hand across the table.  She removed her hand to reveal a small plastic object with the number 161 stamped across it and a key attached.  I got the hint.  I almost ran off the road on the way to the motel.  As we drove, I peered across to feast my eyes on her shapely legs.

Noticing me admiring her legs, she reached down and began to hike up her skirt.   She raised her skirt until I could see that she was wearing white garters and sheer lace panties.  Beneath the lace I could see the silky brown hairs of her pubic mound.  She licked her finger and slowly slid her hand beneath her panties.  I watched as one finger disappeared between her bright pink lips.  Instinctively, my hand reached for my throbbing penis.  I was now fully erect and I could feel my love shaft straining against the silky bikini underwear.

As soon as we reached the motel, I fumbled for the key.  On the bed I raised my wife’s skirt and slowly removed her panties until her beautiful mound was fully exposed.  As I began to gently fondle her outer lips with my left hand, she unsnapped her bra releasing her supple breasts.  I began to suck her left nipple while she softly rolled her right nipple between her thumb and index finger.  She opened her legs wider inviting my fingers to explore her now very wet love spot.  As I inserted two fingers she let out a soft moan.  I continued to suck and lick her nipple as I slowly began to thrust my fingers in and out of her velvety love spot.  “Want to try something new?” she whispered. “Exactly what did you have in mind?” I answered. Barely audibly, she asked, “Want to watch me play with myself?” My pulse raced as she retrieved the small overnight bag from the night table beside the bed.  She reached in and pulled out a dark tan dildo.  As I slid my fingers from her vagina, she guided the dildo between her love spot lips.

It was so big; I didn’t think she could accommodate the massive shaft.  With her right hand she began rubbing the head of the dildo up and down from her vagina to her sweet hole.  My erection was rock hard as I watched the head disappear between the soft folds of her love spot lips.  She then grabbed my shaft and began stroking me as she inserted up to half of the phallus inside her.  I could smell the sweet pungent odor of her womanhood as I leaned over and began licking the soft brown hair at the upper end of her mound.  I felt my balls becoming tight with anticipation as the pressure mounted.  My wife began to whimper as she gingerly pushed until the entire length of the dildo was inside her. As I began to caress her vagina with my tongue she began thrusting faster and stroking my love shaft faster at the same time.  With increasing pressure from my tongue, she began to arch her back.

I could tell she was close.  She tightened her grip on my love shaft and stroked furiously as her hips began to convulse uncontrollably.  As I watched her experience the first of several intense orgasms, I could no longer contain the pressure, which had built up, inside my balls. The sticky white love cream surged in waves from my love shaft and across her belly as we came together.  Satiated, I lay beside her and explored her mouth with my tongue.  Completely exhausted, we went to bed early.  When we awoke the next morning, we had a repeat performance before breakfast.  As my wife expected, it was a most memorable evening.

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