Pleasures…From God’s Hand and Yours

Erotic Poetry – Pleasures… From God’s Hand and Yours

Though married for years we are still “making love,”

The pleasures of sex are God’s gift from above.

Tonight, like the pair in the Garden, we’re nude,

Caressing in bed and we’re both in the mood.

We’re deeply in love and know it’s a treasure

That God allows us to have such great pleasure!

I’m on hands and knees to enjoy your chest,

Your bountiful, beautiful breasts are the best!

Meanwhile you are pulling and squeezing my cock.

By now you have made it as hard as a rock.


It’s dangling exposed and you like it that way,

So you can enjoy it with all kinds of play.

God’s said, “Don’t withhold from each other your parts –

It’s my perfect method for bonding your hearts.”

You’re bouncing and swinging my dangling toy,

Delighted to know that it’s yours to enjoy.

God put it on me, but designed it for you.

It’s just the right gift, as our good Father knew.

I know what’s in store, but it still sends a shock

When you give a loving, hard slap to my cock.


It stings and arouses, and feels really great.

I want even more, but you force me to wait.

You pause ‘til I beg you to slap it again.

It took us forever to learn it’s not sin.

In fact God intends us to search and explore

The best ways to pleasure the spouse we adore.

So you give more slaps to my hard, throbbing rod;

You’re drawing out pleasures designed by our God!

By now my tool’s stinging and burning like fire

And I am consumed by one urgent desire.


I know how to cool it, just one way to soothe:

I plunge in your mouth that’s so moist and so smooth!

The sting quickly fades while I linger inside,

Oh thanks be to God for my wonderful bride!

I pull out and dangle my target once more;

You know that I need it now more than before.

You pleasure my cock, aiming right at its head

By now my tool both looks and feels fiery red!

You slap it some more, till it tingles and burns.

The pleasure is so great, but now my cock yearns


To be back in your mouth and gain some relief.

That gives us both pleasure that’s beyond belief!

I’d love to stay there, but I need to repeat

The cycle again, it’s a marvelous treat.

On the third set of slaps my cock starts to drip,

I rush to your mouth for one last soothing trip.



Your tongue loves to feel me when my skin is tight,

But you’re craving my cum somewhere else on this night.

You have your own wish where my big load should hit,

So you pull my hard cock right onto your tit.

Your nipple is hard, tall and red, what a sight!

You rub and caress with my rod: what delight!

The view is too much and I squirt where I’m pressed,

And empty my full balls all over your chest.

What pleasures, what blessings, our God has designed,

And each time we play, yet another we find!



“I need you,” you’re gasping, “I need you inside.”

Then you spread out your legs and open them wide,

Exposing your swollen and puffy red slit

With its jewel: a dark red and glistening clit.

I cannot resist your most earnest appeal,

So I thrust my cock deep, Oh what a great feel!

“Bang me,” you shout out, “Oh bang me hard, please.”

So I ram in harder and hold up your knees

So your clit takes the hit with each thrust I pound

And we cum together, God’s blessings abound!



This time you’re determined to keep me right there,

You don’t want my semen just squirting in air.

Your tongue is so hungry to taste and enjoy,

You grip and start jerking my hot, throbbing toy.

The Shulamite ate the good fruit from her tree

And you love the white cream you milk out from me.

As you squeeze my full balls and pull on my rod

I give you the nectar created by God.

I climax while knowing I can’t love you more,

You’re God’s gift to me, and the one I adore!


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6 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Mercury7, a beautiful poem. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you so much for posting. I look forward to more wonderful post from you. God bless you and yours and Merry Christmas.

  2. doctemp2 says:

    We loved this poem Mercury 7, thank you for sharing. You are a very gifted writer and your words did a wonderful job of sharing your intimate love and affection for one another. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    I was so blessed by this mercury7! It was not only poetic – but so true. It was not as though words were used just to fit in – they were right – even for the context. Thank you for sharing this erotic gift with us. Blessings on you and your dear wife!

    • Mercury7 says:

      Thanks for your response and your kind words. As you might assume, this is more or less an account of our own experiences as we explore a new (to us) type of playfulness. I do enjoy writing, and take lots of time to re-write until I am satisfied with the wording.

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