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Quickie Sex – Quickie at Denver International

Quickie Sex – Quickie sex at the airport was not planned. We were returning from our honeymoon and I could not imagine getting an opportunity for quickie sex. It had been a wonderful time of adventure, warmth, closeness, tenderness, and, of course, great passion.  We had both been through difficult divorces and after a season of healing and counseling had found one another at a Christian singles group.  But several years of abstinence had left us both keenly hungry for physical intimacy.

We had so enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Taos and Santa Fe, but even more so we had enjoyed the freedom of God’s wonderful gift of sexuality, exploring one another’s desires, feelings, passions, and delights.

In the Denver airport, as we awaited our connecting flight back home, my new bride was browsing in a ladle’s boutique.  She was then, as she is now, a very attractive, petite brunette with wonderful eyes, a slim, alluring figure and an extremely sexually alive woman.  She found a dress she wanted to try on and the owner of the shop directed her to the back of the store to the fitting room.

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She entered the fitting room, which had a full-length door and was very private.  We were the only people in the store besides the clerk up front.  I knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” she asked, knowing full well whom it was.

“It’s me,” I replied.  I want to show you something.

Hesitantly she unlocked the door and quickly I stepped inside.  She was in here underwear and she smiled alluringly at me in the full-length mirror that hung on the wall of the narrow fitting room.

I kissed her on her neck and my hands undid the clasp on her bra.  It fell free to the floor and I began to caress her breasts.  Her breathing quicken as did mine.

Floodgates of sexual memories from our last few days together flooded over both of us.  We both felt a deep sense of urgency to make love and it was heightened by the danger we felt of making love in a public space, though it was very private.

Quickie Sex – In a Very Private Dressing Room

I pulled her panties down.  She leaned over at the waist, resting her hands on the small bench across the back of the room by the mirror.  Our eyes remained locked on one another’s as I unzipped my pants, and placed my erect penis against her lovely backside.

She reached around and guided me into her, already warm and wet and waiting.  We suppressed a mutual giggle as the silliness of the situation became apparent.  But the setting only heightened our desires and I began to move in and out of her with increased tempo, watching her lovely breasts sway as I pumped against her.

Our eyes remained locked on one another’s in the mirror.  I could see her orgasm building as her chest and face reddened, her breathing became more labored and she suppressed a low moan so no one would over hear us.

My own excitement built, I was as hard as I could ever remember being and it didn’t take much longer for both of us to come simultaneously.

I quickly zipped my pants back up and slipped out the door, trying to act nonchalant as I waited for her to exit a few minutes later.  She hung the dress back on the rack and we left the store, hand-in-hand, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

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quickie sex

By: Gary Cooper


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4 replies
  1. lovelycouple_husband says:

    Our last one was in a Victoria’s Secret changing room. Lol the lady kept knocking on the door asking if we needed anything, and at one point even accidentally opened the door because she wasn’t listening as my wife kept saying it was occupied. Thankfully I pushed back and she apologized profusely – the door only opened a few inches. I don’t think they ever knew what was happening though.

  2. Drew&Holly says:

    Our last quickie was in Drew’s office. We had to be really quiet because of paper thin walls. Drew had me bent over his desk. Boy howdy, was it hot!

    Hmmm…we should write this one up.


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