Hot Wife – Christian Hot Wife’s Journey

Hot Wife?  After 20 years of marriage, and done having children, I was in my comfort zone.  I performed my “duty” once or twice a week. My husband was now in his prime. He has been a great husband; he listens to me and supports me. He is my best friend. At a community function, I noticed how much attention he was getting by attractive women. I had a moment of panic. A friend recently cheated on her husband because she was bored. I talked to my husband about our sex life. I am glad I did. We talked about our lives, our marriage, and sex. We talked about “our comfort zone.”  He insisted that he is “content” with the “status quo.” We both restated our love for each other, made love like we usually do, then we went to sleep.

The next morning I thought about the words “content” and “status quo”.  I was thankful that we were O.K., but I wanted him to be thrilled to be married to me. I was ready for a change. I asked my brother, what does a husband– even Christian husband wish for in his Christian hot wife?  He was stunned. “Sis, you don’t really want to know?”  “Tell me,” I insisted. He mentioned things Christian men dream about in a wife. He did say that most Christian Men are content to accept their wives just as they are. We talked for a long time. I felt uncomfortable and defensive at times. I was determined to learn not fume. I have to admit I knew most of these things, and over the years we have explored most of these things; some more than others. We talked about some characteristics of a dream sexy wife.

A Dream Christian Hot Wife…

  1. Loves God deeply and respect him as a man.
  2. A Christian hot wife enjoys her looks and body.  She does not call attention to her imperfections. Most Christian guys are not thinking about that stuff unless you bring it up. Be sexy in your skin.
  3. A Christian hot wife is hot. She wants her husband to have sex with her often. She develops a love for sex with him.
  4. A Christian hot wife enjoys being touched by her husband and touching herself for arousal and orgasms for the benefit of stoking the fire in the marriage.  Sometimes, a husband wants to awake while his wife is masturbating only to plunge into her after her orgasm.  She will masturbate in the car while he is driving. This is a blessing when he is tired when driving on a long trip. Or when coming home from a date.
  5. A Christian hot wife will often leave her panties off, even going out. A dream day for a guy might be where he can lift up his wife’s skirt and plunge into her two or three times while they are having a day at home together doing whatever.
  6. A Christian hot wife loves to give and receive oral sex.
  7. A Christian hot wife enjoys vibrators with or without her husband.
  8. A Christian hot wife is naughty sometimes and even wants to be playfully spanked.
  9. A Christian hot wife wants to be chased or flirted with.
  10.  A Christian hot wife will go bra-less at home.
  11. A Christian hot wife models sexy underwear and lingerie.
  12.  A Christian hot wife loves to try different positions and new things…within reason of course.
  13. A Christian hot wife will build her sexual imagination and bring new ideas to their exclusive marriage.

Part of me was fuming after putting this list together.  I told my brother that men are perverts!  Who could live up to those expectations?  My brother said, “Men like variety and you don’t have to be and do all these things every day. Mix it up, he will love it; you will love it… A woman is created with more possibilities for imaginative married pleasure. And when you are enjoying yourself, I guarantee your husband will be one happy married guy. “

After prayerful consideration, I decided to become a Christian hot wife.  My husband has no idea about what is going to happen to him and me. I am planning on writing about my journey and posting those stories on Reading stories at this site and posting stories will help me keep my imagination fired up.


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10 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    Just finished reading this article…I must say, as a guy, #2 is SO true! Everyone has imperfections. We men want our wives to be proud of themselves as who they are – self confidence outshines physical flaws every time.

    Ironically, as a man, I cherish the fact that I know of flaws with my wife that nobody else knows about – the knowledge of being the only man aware of it makes our relationship even more special. And I’ve come to love her flaws equally as much as her beautiful physical attributes. Imperfections are part of what make each person unique, and a woman who isn’t ashamed of herself – or her flaws – is SEXY!

  2. arkguy571 says:

    My wife does most of these at times except for oral sex, she doesn’t give at all and doesn’t seem that crazy about getting oral either.

    She will leave off her panties around the house sometimes, giving me little peeks and maybe let me in her without finishing, she will make me wait a while, which drives me crazy!! A crazy thought.

    But as the comment above says, most wives control the sex in a marriage. I would say at least 80% anyway. Most men get sex when the wife wants it and not much more. I have been in a married men’s bible study and I can tell from the conversations that most women control nearly 100% of the sex.
    There are exceptions of course, but I know men that never get sex unless the wife wants it and they don’t want it too often.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great article, and the list is very true for most men. However, I’d like to add an item that most ladies seem to miss. Spend time naked with your husband, or even when home alone. For a man its not only arousing but also intriguing to spend time with his wife while naked, and to know she enjoys being naked even when he’s not around. It doesn’t matter when; in bed at night is a given, but also when simply hanging out watching a movie, while cleaning house, doing laundry, talking on the phone, etc. In short… Show up naked.

  4. Tigerandpussycat says:

    Just for balance. I agree wives and husbands are called to be generous with their bodies. I also think it is good to remember that husbands are called to love their wives as Christ loves the church. Even if a wife controls sex a husband is commanded to love his wife and live with her in an understanding way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Read Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti. Do NOT read it like – Yeah! They are explaining MY side! Go in to LEARN! Use what you hear to understand the opposite sex. It will help you understand them. The book is not all about sex. However, ALL of it will affect your life. And can increase your special intimate time! 🙂

  6. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    Awesome. My wife is doing her best to be the HOT wife she has always wanted to be but was afraid to “sin”. She’s doing quite well and your list will help her immensely. Thank you.

  7. Michael Smith says:

    How did our forefathers have sex with the family sleeping in the same room as was almost always the case? Two room cabins with parents 4-8 children 2-3 servants etc I think we have developed a false prudery in the modern era that is not godly or Christian and separates husbands and wives. The scripture says our bodies are not our own but must be made available to our spouse.

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