The Wedding night

Mary and David had been waiting for this moment for 2 years now.  They were finally married!  As they waved to all their family and friends in the rear view window of their wedding get-away car, they were filled with excitement about what was to come.  Before they knew it, they had arrived at the hotel where they were to become one.  After the usual checking-in process, they boarded the elevator and ascended to the honeymoon suite.  As the elevator doors opened, they smiled at each other and gave each other a quick kiss.  They walked down the hallway hand-in-hand.  As David opened the door to their room, the huge suite took their breath away.  There was a large tub for two and a huge king-size bed.

“Where do we begin?” they thought to themselves?  It almost seemed surreal that they were about to make love.  Before they went any further, they had a short devotion.  They read about the wedding night found in Song of Songs and David led a prayer of thanksgiving for his bride and asked God to bless their marital union.

They decided to take a bath together to start out the evening.  As Mary drew the bath (using plenty of aromatic bubble bath,) David placed candles all around the room and turned off the lights.  He then proceeded to place a CD of romantic music in the CD player.  The room was now filled with the glowing of the candles and soft, tender music.  David approached Mary and softly drew her to him.  They kissed and the passion built with more forceful kisses.  They slowly began to undress each other, marveling in the other’s body.  They quickly undressed the rest of the way and slipped into the steaming bubble bath.

They continued to caress each other and were amazed at the sensations coursing through their bodies.  They kissed, and touched, and explored until they could take no more.  They stepped out of the tub and took turns drying each other off, kissing each other’s whole bodies in the process.  They moved to the bed and lay naked and unashamed.  They were man and wife and were ready to worship God with their bodies.

After exploring each other bodies and eliciting new pleasures never felt before, Mary invited David into her body.  Mary took ahold of his penis and placed in at the opening of her vagina.  David tenderly whispered, “Are you sure you’re ready?”  Although nervous at the size of David’s penis, Mary wanted to become one with him.  David began to apply gentle pressure, easing his way into Mary’s body.  Mary grimaced with pain.  She wasn’t expecting this to hurt so much.  As David kept trying to enter Mary, it soon became too much and Mary asked him to stop.  What was happening?  David remembered that a friend had suggested that he bring along some lubricant in case of pain.  David slowly reached over to the bed table and unscrewed the cap of lubricant.  David asked Mary if she was ready to try again.

Mary nodded shyly and David applied some lubricant to both Mary and his penis.  Mary helped David position the penis and took a deep breath.  David pushed inside Mary gently and met resistance.  Mary was now squirming in pain.  She sharply drew in a breath.  David hated hurting her like this.

David took his penis back out and told Mary that he think he felt the hymen.  He remembered reading about the hymen in that book his pastor had given him about married sexuality.  He told Mary that he might have to break her hymen and that it would probably hurt.  Now Mary was nervous.  But she wanted to get this over with so she could enjoy their union.  Mary told David to quickly thrust into her and break her hymen quickly.  David once again started to enter Mary.  He again felt the hymen and asked Mary if she was ready.  Mary nodded, biting her lip.  David took a breath and plunged deeply into Mary.

Mary screamed out in pain and wriggled away from the large penis that was hurting her so much.  Tears came to her eyes and she started telling David to take out his penis, NOW!  David slid his penis out and saw that it was covered in blood.  Mary was bleeding.  This is what they had been waiting for all this time??  David ran to get a towel and cleaned up the blood as best he could.  They decided to try again.  David positioned his penis and slowly entered Mary.  Mary winced again, and bit her lip.  Now they lay still as Mary got used to this sensation.  The painful stretching was almost unbearable.  Slowly and gently David began to thrust in and out of Mary.  Mary was still in pain, but it was quickly subsiding as she saw how much pleasure David was receiving.  David felt guilty that he had to hurt her, but they both knew it would get better with time.  David soon picked up his pace and got overly excited.

Mary had to remind him to be gentle.  David slowed down again, but as soon as his pleasure built, he started thrusting vigorously.  Mary was hurting and was praying that he would be done soon.  She loved seeing David get excited, but this was really hurting her and she wasn’t sure she could take much more.  Just as Mary couldn’t take it any longer, David let out a little moan, and he released inside of her.  He withdrew his penis and collapsed next to his bride.  He whispered, “Did I hurt you?  Are you okay?”  Mary smiled at him and told him that it was indeed quite painful, but that she enjoyed pleasuring him.  They decided to take a shower together to clean up the mess they had made.

Over the next few days, as they got to know each other’s bodies more closely, they were able to make love with less and less pain for Mary.  But the end of the honeymoon, they were both enjoying their lovemaking.  It was a rough start, but with patience, they received the blessings of their union.

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