Heated Wedding Night

My husband and I were finally alone, and all the wedding stuff was behind us.  We were free to start our lives and become lovers. I was a virgin and he was one too. He read the Song of Songs to me, then he prays for our sex lives, which ease my fears and nerves, which made me relax in his presence.

Then we fill the huge whirlpool tub with water and some bubble bath.  As it was filling up, I watched him undress for the first time.  He was strong and well formed and a stud that was well hung.  I was aroused looking at him.  I’m normally not a vision type of person but, when I am with my honey I am aroused it needs to be fulfilled with his wonderful penis.

I often start sex with him, which helps him feel more love.

Then I slowly disrobe in front of him revealing to him my body. I was watching his penis start to fill and become stiff and very hard. Finally he helps me out of my bra and panties and slip into the jetted tub.

We hold each other and our hand caress each other.  I really wanted more of him so we went to bed, I kissed him all over and sucked his number like a lollipop with my hands stroking him, up and my hands giving him an strong orgasm as his salty seed tasted good to me as I swallow it.  Then in a few minutes he was hard again thanking me for a wedding night fantasy.

Then he lay me on the bed applied some lubrication to his huge erect penis and mounted with a piercing blood covenant as he took my virginity away stretching me like I never felt before.  We were one flesh together; it felt so good to feel him inside of me.  He was pulsating inside, as his thrusting became faster but he had control because of the oral loving that I gave him earlier.  I was very excited; he was driving me out of my mind over the edge toward orgasm.  He started fingering my nipples arousing me even more, he was driving me over the edge.  I climaxed as his penis in my vagina explored with fireworks; as he shot his love cream deep inside of me.

Conceiving our first child; a beautiful child, as a reminder of our wedding night.  It was nine months later exactly; when she born. He is such a wonderful dad to her; and a wonderful lover to me.

We slept together completely naked as we do every night.  He is so very good in bed.  I thank my stud daily.

Today we are leaving for ours daughter’s wedding; she too is a virgin, but has asked me for secrets to sexually surprise her boyfriend / new husband, with later tonight.  One secret was to read the medium and hot stories here on the marriage romance sight.

I hope for the very best for her and husband who is wonderful to her.

Thank you Lord for the very best that is you the author of our faith and our sex life.

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  1. Bawihi says:

    Very good story, i was too virgin when i got married four years ago, still not yet conceive, we are waiting and know that God will make it happen in His own time, you are very lucky and God bless you!

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