The Beginning

My name is Jan, my husband of 10 years name is David.  David was raised in a good Christian home all his life, as was I.  So when we were dating I was not surprised to find that he was a virgin as was I.  David had even been able to avoid pornography during his young life, that I had not done.  But the grace of God covers all our sins.

From the start of our dating I was afraid that David was “The One”.  And when I say afraid, I mean it.  I was afraid that I would give into temptation because I thought he was the one for me.  So early on we set rules to keep us from making the wrong choice.  We never even kissed on the lips until we were engaged.

Then we came before God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our friends and family we said tell death do us part.  And I knew I was about to give my virginity to the man God intended to have it.  That night we prayed thanking God for giving us the patience to wait for that night.

Then we looked at each other, staring deep into each other’s eyes.  Knowing the depth of our love for each other and knowing that it was blessed by God for this night.  We kissed.  My heart beat fast.  I opened my mouth and felt his tongue pass my lips.  He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight.  How wonderful it was.  He sat down on the bed, looking up into my eyes.  I began to remove my dress.  David’s hands unzipped the dress and slowly lowered it from my shoulders.

I had never bared my breasts to a man before.  My nipples stood erect as his hands came into contact with them.  I looked down at David, his eyes locked with mine and his hands now holding my breasts.  I lowered my chest towards him, he opened his mouth and began to kiss and suck on my bosoms.  Like a mother nursing her child my husband suckled on me.

His hands continued to guide my dress to the floor.  As I stepped out of the dress, I stood before my husband in nothing but my panties.  He pulled me close to him and began to remove my panties from the back, pulling them down exposing my butt.  His hands rubbed my cheeks and he kissed my left cheek.  Then my panties were around my ankles, and for the first time I was naked before my husband.  He moved his head to my pubic area and kissed just below my belly button.

David guided me to sit on the bed, and he slid to the floor before me.  He spread my legs opening my vagina.  I laid back and felt his tongue lick my clitoris.  A feeling I never knew before, rushed over me.  His tongue was run over my vulva and entered into my vagina.  “Mmmmmm…..ohhhhh…..mmmmm” was the only sound I could make.  This continued for what felt like a blessed eternity, the stopped.

I looked up and David had stood up.  He removed his shirt and exposed his chest.  It was so rugged, well defined, with the right amount of hair.  Enough to show his manliness but not too much.  He began to undo his belt.  My heart pounded.  He lowered his pants and stood before me in his underwear with a protrusion only inches from me.

I sat up and griped the sides of his underwear.  I slowly pulled them down and for the first time I saw my husband’s penis.  It was hard as a rock, right in front of my face.  Foreskin covered most of his gland, but as I wrapped my hand around his penis the foreskin pulled back to reveal the hard head.

I’d never touched a penis before, never seen one right in front of me.  In my hand it was hard as a rock, almost two inches thick, and almost five inches long.  There was a slight glistening on the tip of the head at the opening.  I opened my mouth and took his penis in.  It was very thick but not too long, so I ran my lips down the shaft as far as I could then pulled back, removing the hole thing from my mouth.  I looked and saw the back motion had pulled his foreskin back over the head.  With my hand I again pulled back the skin and continued my first ever fellatio.  I sucked him hard and long.  His sounds were much like my own “Oh yeah….uummmm….yes…..ohhhhhhh!”

We lay in the bed kissing, our naked bodies pressed close.  I felt his penis growing hard again.  I lay on my back looking up toward him, my legs spread and he knelt between my open legs.  His hand holding his again erect penis over the opening of my vagina.  Looking me in the eye he asked “Are you ready?”  To which I nodded.  David leaned forward, his penis for the fist time entering into my vagina.  I felt the head of his penis going deeper into me.  “Ummmmm….ohh.” was all I could say.  The feeling was unbelievable, a little pain with a lot of pleasure.  I could feel the thickness of his penis pushing against he sides of my vagina.

He pulled his penis out a little then thrust it back in.  He began a rhythmic thrusting; within minuets I was breathless.  “Yeah…ohhh..yeah…umm” was all I could say as I had my first orgasm.  Moments later David began to breath heavier and heavier.  Then I felt his orgasm explode out of his penis deep in me.

This continued for three more sex sessions that night.

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