My first night — and I’m almost 60!

I’m married — I’ve been married for less than 3 months, for the first time, and I am nearly 60.  I wondered before the wedding if I would be too old for the intimate side of marriage and I was scared, too.  My future husband expected great things, although he was prepared to be patient and not rush things.  We both believed God had brought us together and wanted us to marry and wanted us to be married in every way.

So, the first night came.  We were pretty tired.  I heaved a sigh of relief — maybe we would just fall asleep and forget about the physical union for now.  But no, my patient new husband was pretty excited and before I knew what was happening, we were caressing and kissing and then he rolled on top of me and gently eased his way in.

It hurt, but I didn’t let on.  It was beautiful, but not easy.  We made love, and then fell asleep.  A few hours later, we woke up and made love again.

It took at least three weeks before it didn’t hurt, and the first few times there was some bleeding, but now we make love painlessly, passionately and gratefully.

It is a wonderful part of our marriage.

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