Our Wedding Night

On the day that we got married, it was a late fall morning in the beautiful golden horseshoe area…

We had a morning wedding; the air was cool and brisk with some clouds in the sky. Everyone looked wonderful and our parents were so proud!

He looked so handsome in his tux and me in my white gown with layer upon layer of tulle surrounding me…and that 9-foot train was amazing!

We enjoyed our day but we were looking forward to going to our hotel and being by ourselves. The time finally came after the reception and going home to remove the gown and tux…our kisses then started becoming hungrier for each other…they felt different but the same all the same. The emotions and commitment now behind then was now sealed by God and man.

We drove to our hotel, knowing and looking forward to what was coming..We checked in and got our keys and headed for our room.

It was quaint. I picked it out.there was a jucuzzi surrounded with three walls full of mirrors. I began to run a bath, turned on some romantic music and talked to my new husband about the day and how much I loved him and he with me.

Once the Jacuzzi was full and running, my husband slowly undressed me and looked at me and touched me as he removed one article at a time…his kisses began to become more and more passionate. I then began removing his clothes and admiring his body.

We then got into the Jacuzzi and let the rushes of hot. Pulsating water run over our naked bodies. We relaxed with each other, touched each other and kissed each other as we sat in the warm water.

Our passions for each other began to get as hot as the water and even hotter as we touched each other and gave kisses full of hunger and passion…the passion became so strong that we left the tub and slowly and softly dried each other off, and then moved to the bed.

Here, on the bed my new husband, who I was beginning to live the rest of my life with, began kissing me all over.

First my lips, neck and earlobes…then he moved down to my breasts and the erect nipples that were there waiting there for him. He played and sucked my nipples until I was very wet and his manhood was saluting me..He continued to kiss down my body…even my thighs and calves. I could not keep to myself so I too began to kiss him all over…his face, neck, chest, down his stomach and to his manhood that was fully erect.

He enjoyed this.

He then moved so that he could put his mouth to me where I was so very wet from his kisses and touches. His tongue flicked and licked me. His warm breathe on my vagina and vagina was so wonderful and exciting. He was giving cold stomach over and over again.

Our passion kept mounting and mounting, he then turned and began kissing me again, lying on top of me, we then moved and his manhood slipped so easily into me.

It felt so good to have him inside of me and he told me that I felt so good around him..So warm and comfortable, but exciting all at the same time.
Our bodies then began to move as if they knew what they were created for, for this time in our life. Our bodies continued to twine as one as the sensations of each other began to grow stronger and stronger. So strong to the point that he climaxed first and let his warm, sticky fluid gush into me…I never felt something so good inside of me, my new husband climaxing because of me.

We then laid in each other’s arms and slept for a while for we were both very tired. Once we woke up, we went out to eat, and it was only early because we got married so early in the day.

Once we returned to our hotel, we made love again, I may not have climaxed that on our wedding night, but I really made up for it on our the rest of our honeymoon.

This happened a short 8 months ago, and still to this day my husband can make me feel the best on the planet. He loves me and God so much.

And me not climaxing on our wedding night has been made up more then once and we are still and will continue to excite and please each other…and only more. For things only get better with time!

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