The Kitchen Floor….

My husband and I had just gone to drop off our kids at the in laws house, and had just walked back into the house.  I wasn’t speaking to him at the time, and he wasn’t speaking to me. You see, we had just gotten into an argument about where to go for the evening.

You know, the type that turn into something bigger. Anyway, I stormed into the house and flopped down on the couch.  My husband went into the kitchen and started to wash dishes.

It was a hot night, maybe about 80 degrees outside. I had on a sundress that accentuated my long, beautiful legs, and rode up ever so slightly as I walked.  I decided that I wanted to leave and go out by myself for the evening, and I went into the kitchen to tell my husband I was leaving.  As I walked past him, I felt his eyes on me.

Then the next thing I knew, his hands were squeezing my firm buttocks very gently, caressingly.  I felt the heat rise in my body, but I swirled around to face him in anger. I didn’t want him to know that I was aroused too.  I stared him in the face defiantly, and the look in his eyes almost seared my skin.  He grabbed my arm, “Don’t leave,” he said quietly, “stay here with me”.

He pulled me close to him and I struggled to escape.  His grasp became tighter, and I felt his manhood pressing against my bare leg. Then his lips grazed my neck, and I felt the fullness of them pulling softly and gently on it.  “Let me go! I whined, trying to pull away from him.  “No, not now, not ever,” was his reply.  His hand slid down the front of my dress and cupped my bare breast, and I felt his fingertips on my nipple, then his mouth.

I tried to suppress my pleasure, but I couldn’t, and a low moan escaped from my mouth. He heard it, and pleased, he began to lower me to the floor. “No!” I cried again, “Not here!” He smiled at me seductively, “Why not?” he asked. He was right. Why not? I said to myself too.

I felt the hem of my dress sliding upward as we hit the smooth vinyl floor. Then he unbuckled his belt and freed himself. His fingers explored my innermost parts and felt the wetness and moistness that collected there.  I could hardly wait for him to enter me, and when he did with one smooth thrust, I couldn’t remember why I had been mad.

My hips rose to meet him, and my legs found themselves stretched up against the kitchen walls as we slid and bounced on the floor. His arm was circled around my back protectively, and I gripped his back, throwing his shirt up so I could feel the bareness of it.

His full, soft lips devoured mine hungrily, and I moaned a song of pleasure into his ear, while his soft cries harmonized.  He squeezed my bottom again, more firmly, and I could feel his hard fingernails, but it didn’t hurt, it felt good.  Then I squeezed his in return and the sweatiness, along with the motions they were making, almost drove me over the edge.

He started thrusting himself more quickly, and I rose to meet him, throwing my womanhood on him full force. I felt him shudder as he finally went over the edge, and I allowed myself to join him. For a while, we just lay there on the floor in each other’s arms. It was one of the best sexual experiences we have ever had… and we still can’t really remember why we were so mad in the first place.

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