Newlywed love

Newlywed Love – My First Love

Newlywed love -I met my first love in a Sunday morning church services, we were both in the adult singles class. Her name was Bethany, she was incredibly beautiful. Her body was so tight and athletic and her personality was just like mine. We hit it off immediately; we started by going to the movies and dinner.

She had never kissed anyone before and I found this out so I was very cautious about kissing her for the first time. I wanted it to be very special for her. I liked her a lot and didn’t want to mess things up. So I waited about two weeks after we started dating to make my move. I took her out to a country road, by a creek I always go fishing at. We sat on the back of my car and looked at the stars and watched the fireflies. We were talking and I gazed into her eyes and wanted to kiss her so bad. I finally got the courage to lean in and it was like magic. We connected in a new way; she was a very good kisser. We made out on my car for almost an hour. It was very romantic.

Later that night I took her back to her house. We talked some more and then I kissed her goodnight and she went in. We dated about another month, and then I was feeling these incredible feelings towards her like I had never felt with any other girl. We were at my house watching a movie one night and I just had to tell this beautiful woman in my arms that I loved her. I told her and she stuttered for a second and said I love you too. I caught her off guard, she wasn’t expecting it. We had both found the one true love in our lives and a year later we were married in our church.

I was very nervous on the wedding night because we were both virgins. I wanted our newlywed love to be extra special. We got to the honeymoon suite around 11:00 and you could tell we were both very nervous. I went to her and started to kiss her neck, she began undressing me and kissing my chest. We both worked slowly, slowly taking off each others clothes. Finally we were both naked and extremely hot for each other.

I laid her down on the bed and began licking her breast and stomach. I went down to her vagina and began licking all around. You could tell she enjoyed this very much. She moaned and begged for more so I kept going and going until her legs were quivering. I then got ready to push my penis inside her. I put the tip of my penis between her vagina lips and very gently started moving the head up and down in the lips. Then I began to slowly slide my penis inside her. Little by little I pushed each push coming with a moan, she was so tight.

Finally I got all of me inside her and began to slowly work in and out, in and out of her, until it began to slide and she began to get into it more as she loosen up a little. We humped each other all night long. It was the best night of my life, because I was sharing it with my first true love.

Newlywed love

By: Monstrue




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