Phone Sex – Together on Business Trips

Phone Sex – The other night I was away on a business trip, when I finally got to the motel there was a surprise in my suitcase.  It was naked pictures of my sexy wife one was her standing in front of the mirror a double exposer.  One of the pictures with a sexy smile, she being bent over breast hanging down and crotch facing the camera. The last one portrait with her large nipples showing always a big turn on.

I called her and a huge erection thanking her for the sexy pictures, an we started having phone sex when told me to think of her sucking and bobbing up and down with her mouth. Her hands being wrap around the shaft. I  started masturbating as she described what she wanted to do me even to the point of climaxing in her mouth as she swallowed my sperm.

Phone sex is hot! I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing from her voice and she was also pleasuring herself as voice started moaning in a familiar orgasm sound as she climaxed. I wished  I was watching her masturbate.

The next day finally I came home to find her  nude and waiting in bed for me with a vibrator I bought her on a former business trip. She said the next time we have phone sex she was going to use that vibrator. I was getting a big boner and she helped me out of my clothes and started oral lovemaking on my shaft causing a full erection and continuing through until she swallow like she promised when we were having phone sex. We kissed and hugged then she bented over like in the picture and she asked me to enter her from behind in effort to get her pregnant, her love canal was soaking wet ready for me to sexually mate her.   I entered her soaking wet vagina.   I was thrusting in and out of the tunnel of love shooting her full of seed.

In two weeks later she missed her period was pregnant with our first child. What fun memory of making our love child.

We still have phone sex on every business trip, and she often packs a surprise nude picture of herself in different poses.  I always get a private room even if I have pay for it out of pocket.

I always thank God for a wife of my sexual fantasies, wet dreams, and best of all real life lover.

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