The Plane

Hi.  I love you.  And I want you.  I want you to meet me in the private last row later, when the kids and passengers are asleep.  We can get a blanket and put up the arm rests.  I can lean against the window and you can stretch out cross-wise in front of me. Mmm.  You can feel the warmth of my breath behind your ear as I kiss the back of your neck and your shoulder.  Can you imagine how it will feel to sit like that, and relax into the pleasure of my touch as my fingertips tease the edges of your round, sensitive breasts under the blanket?

Mmmm.  Yes.  You can.  You can feel the tingling in them, you can feel your nipples perk up, straining against the silky material of your bra cups and the little jolts of pleasure starting in your pants as my fingers graze your nipples.  Imagine… you turn your face so I can kiss your sweet lips.  Our mouths touch and your lips meld together, brushing and sliding each other, sucking each other’s lower lip slightly.  You can feel yourself getting aroused now.  It doesn’t take much to imagine now – the growing sensitivity in your breasts… the electricity in your pussy… the sweet wetness you can feel forming in your lips.  Mmmmm.  You can feel the growth in my pants behind you, too.  Your breathing gets a little deeper too, as your feel my hands continuing to caress your breasts and begin to play over your tummy… your thighs…

You can’t help spreading your thighs apart as you imagine and hope for how my touch will feel if I brush or graze your delicate pussy through your jeans.  But I don’t.  I come close, teasing you to imagine it – to want my touch.  You think to yourself, Will it help if I tilt up my hips to invite his touch?  Will he notice?”  Mmm.  Yes.  It does help.  And who cares if I noticed, it feels sooo good.  My fingers caress a tantalizing circle all the way around the perimeter of your now very wet and puffy lips.

Can you imagine how good it will feel under our blanket?  Like we’re the only ones on the plane.  You reach behind yourself and feel the hardness of my cock under you through my khaki’s.  You feel my whole hand press against your sensitive clitoris and lips through your jeans.  Your legs part a little more now under the blanket and you feel your sweet, delicate lips separate from each other under the silky material of your panties, now wet with your delicious juices.

My fingers lightly glide over the material, tracing a fiery line along the edge between your lips, teasing them, grazing over your clit at the top, leaving your breathless.  You feel it deeply and arch your hips up to meet my touch.  Your eyes close and we kiss again, and you imagine where this will go.  And you feel under your fingers the hardness of my cock twitch and pulse under you.  All on board are asleep now, and we’re under our blanket.  And your breathing is coming in deeper breaths now as the single pad of my middle finger traces up and down, starting at the bottom of your lips and gliding to your clit and back again, and my other fingers caress the sides of your pussy lips at the same time, and you feel your hips responding without your permission in tune with me as the pressure deep inside you begins to build.

Your imagination starts to run wild as you unbutton your jeans and loosen your zipper.  The feeling of my left hand cupping your tit and teasing your nipple and of my right hand over your pussy lips is overwhelming.  You begin to want the feeling of me inside you, stretching you, filling you.  My hand moves and fills the wet space between your panties and pussy suddenly, and you gasp as my finger slips smoothly between the length of your now gushing lips and plays madness over your aching clit.  Ohhh, Sweetie, you’re there!

You feel the pressure build and your whole body convulses as you feel the first of many waves of climax crash through your pussy and body.  Your thighs clamp down, forcing my smooth, wet, delicious hand down hard against you, and you feel the pain as you bite your lip trying not to cry out.  You’ve cum so hard you can hardly move but you still have that feeling… you imagine how good it will feel to be stretched and filled.  You know it’s impossible on the plane but you still want me.

Carefully, you turn, disappearing under the blanket and slip my hard cock out of my pants.   Kneeling close, you hold it in one hand, admiring it.  The head mushrooms a little for you and you kiss the tip.  It rewards you with a soft, velvety feel against your lips, it pulses, and gives you the slightest taste of sweet flavored pre-cum.  It surprises you that it tastes so good and you kiss the tip again, this time more deeply, longer, and you allow the head to pop into and fill your mouth.  You kiss and suck on the velvety end, twirling your tongue around it, and massage the now heavy balls that hang tightly suspended under it.

You feel the control you have over me now as your kiss and suck the end harder now, stroking and pumping the shaft as it becomes slippery with saliva from your sucking and twirling.  You feel my breathing deepen and my hips tense.  Mmm.  You know I’m so close and you come off of my cock, kissing and sucking my balls instead as you pump harder.

Then, you feel it – just as you imagined it – my balls harden and tighten in your mouth, my cock seems to double in thickness in your hand and I explode under the blanket with only one small drop of my heavy flying seed landing on your lower lip.  You’ve never done this before and you marvel at how good it was, how sensuous it felt in  your mouth, how sweet it tasted, and how much control you had over my response.  You reappear from under the blanket into our old position.  We kiss closely.  I hold you.  No one has noticed.

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