Cross Country Airport Arrival

It was going to be a difficult two months for Nicki and James. The couple had only been married for 2 years and they were moving across the country together to start a new life experience in a different region. To make matters difficult though, Nicki had to move before James since she started her job early.

After having made the move from one coast to the other, Nicki missed James dearly and would look forward to their evening phone calls so that she could hear his voice and pretend that he was with her in person. Increasing the tension was the fact that they were both in peak physical shape, in their early 20’s, and greatly enjoyed making passionate love to each other. To be separated both emotionally and physically was almost too much to bear. After Nicki arrived in her new city, she knew that James would be coming to visit her in two weeks, so that helped a bit, but it was still so difficult. She would like awake at night missing him and longing for him to hold her.

When the day that James was going to arrive grew closer, Nicki was beside herself with excitement. In fact, the night before, she had a very sensual dream about what they were going to do the second she got him inside the door of their new place. James was equally excited about seeing and being with his hot wife. He pictured her perfect butt and how firm it felt when he touched it.

When Nicki’s cell phone rang and it was James telling her that he had just landed and she could come meet him at the gate, she felt her heart skip a beat and felt an all too familiar tingle in between her legs. When James stepped out of the jetway and Nicki saw him for the first time in two weeks, she ran up and embraced him tightly and wouldn’t let go for a long time. They shared a close hug for awhile and then a kiss that they had both been missing while they were away.

As they walked to the car in the dark night, James couldn’t help but run his hands across his beautiful wife’s incredible body and instantly starting aching for more. When they got in the front of their four door sedan, it was dark outside and they were in a quiet parking lot. James immediately leaned over to Nicki and gave her a passionate kiss. She returned the favor with her warm, moist tongue as they made up for lost time. As he felt his manhood start to get very firm, he reached up her shirt and under her bra and felt her incredible breasts. She teased him by putting her hand down his pants and running it up and down his erect penis, sending him into waves of pleasure with each stroke.

But as much as she wanted to climb on top of him and get at it right there, they knew they needed to find someplace private where they could lose all of their inhibitions and not worry about baring all for others.

James raced out of the airport parking lot and headed down a back-country road, anxiously looking for a dark, secluded spot to park. However, the lack of a spot that was private enough increased their sexual tension as they drove around aimlessly, desperate to get it on.  Nicki wasn’t helping matters by continuing to touch James’ firm package and tease him by putting one of his hands up under her skirt and rubbing it against her moist vagina.

Finally, when it seemed like they would not be able to last any longer, James found an abandoned road and he accelerated down it, stopped the car, and looked around. There wasn’t a car or person in sight and there were high trees and bushes all around, offering them a private setting to finally make love. They eagerly hopped in the backseat with James sitting in the middle and Nicki quickly straddling him. As she pulled her skirt up and ripped her thong off, he thrusted towards her, excitedly anticipating her wet vagina swallowing up his rock solid penis. She easily slid on top of his shaft and immediately moaned with pleasure. As she rocked up and down on him violently, James could tell that her pleasure was building and she was going to orgasm like she hadn’t in a long time. As he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples, she continued to moan and gasp as if she hadn’t had sex in a year. Finally, with a one huge thrust, she let out a wild scream and James knew that she was coming hard. As the convulsions started to slow down, he knew that it was his turn and he had something in mind that he had been picturing on the entire flight across the country.

He gently pushed her off of his lap, turned her on her knees facing out the back window and entered her from behind. The fact that they were in their car with only moonlight made it that much sexier and amplified their excitement and pleasure. Her slit was so wet from her huge orgasm and his pleasure immediately ratcheted up a couple of notches. He thrust hard and fast, with his penis going deeper and deeper, he reached around and grabbed her breasts. He felt it building up and finally with a long and loud primal scream, he released his load into her and convulsed for what felt like 20 seconds straight. After he had shot an incredibly large amount of cum into her and his gasps had died down, they turned to each other and shared a long kiss, thrilled to be back together and looking forward to the long weekend with many more intimate encounters.

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