Manly Massage

Sam Mason stepped off the elevator on the 4th floor of the Hyatt Regency. He was tired after the second full day of seminars and sessions at the Annual Stockgrower’s Convention here in busy Kansas City. His wife, Jena, was also very involved, being chairperson of the important Promotion Committee. She’d mentioned this morning, as they left their suite, that today’s meetings were going to be stressful. Several strong personalities were likely to butt heads, and she’d be right in the middle of it!

As he swiped the lock and entered the room, he couldn’t get his beautiful bride out of his mind. Thoughts of her had been tantalizing him all day. More than once, not wanting to embarrass himself, he’d been forced to remain seated to give the obvious arousal Jena was unknowingly causing him time to calm down.

Ringing room service, he ordered a bottle of Chenin Blanc to be delivered as soon as possible. He then added two filet mignon dinners, medium rare to arrive in 2 hours. Next, he dug to the bottom of his suitcase, finally locating what he was after, placing it out of sight under his side of the king size bed.

Making one last call to the hotel florist, he ordered a dozen roses for immediate delivery. Within 5 minutes, they arrived, fresh and beautiful. Sam sat out a bottle of scented massage oil and took a final scan of his preparations. He freshened up a bit, but chose not to shave. Clad only in his silk boxers and a hunter green robe, he found a soft music channel on the in-room stereo, lowered the lights and sat to down to await Jena’s return.

In just minutes, she let herself into the room with a big sigh. Apparently, her day had been just as tough as she’d feared. He smiled as he stood, taking her into his arms, kissing her lightly on her freckled forehead. Slowly turning her around, he slipped her out of her jacket and began to gently massage her neck. She savored the feelings of relaxation as they spread through her upper body.

With one hand, Sam continued the neck massage while slowly reaching the other around to the buttons on the front of her blouse. One by one, he unfastened them, exposing her upper body to the refreshing air in the room. As he placed his hand flat on her tummy, he slipped the other down her back, deftly releasing the clasp on her sexy black bra. He slid the unneeded garment off her arms and kissed her neck from behind.

Still standing perfectly still, Jena continued to bask in the male attention. Sam’s strong hands slid around to the zipper in her short skirt, easing it down while caressing the silk covered flesh below it. The slow slide of the skirt to the floor only added to the sensuousness of the moment. Her eyes were closed as he slipped his callused thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pushed them down in a single fluid motion. Kneeling behind her, he removed her shoes and kneaded her tired feet. Moving to her front, he kissed his way up her lovely legs, nuzzling her mound for a moment before proceeding onward to take a protruding nipple between his lips. Her enjoyment was obvious as she arched her back, jutting her small but perfectly shaped breasts at his unshaven face.

A knock at the door startled Jena, but Sam gently placed a finger over her red lips, steering her to the bed. She lay down on the cool sheets, closing her eyes as Sam carried the chilled wine to the desk. He opened it and poured two glasses, offering her one as he admired her lovely form. She took a big drink, savoring the refreshing coolness. With her eyes again closed, she was pleasantly shocked when Sam touched her nipple with his cold wine glass. The sensation was strangely exciting, and her reaction washed over her entire body. Jena thirstily drained her glass, already feeling the soft buzz as she relaxed even more. Resting back on the mattress, she stretched and flexed her gorgeous body to her husband’s pure delight.

Taking the nearby massage oil, he warmed some in his hands and began to apply it to her eager body. Working her front side soon brought him into contact with her breasts, and both members of the Mason family enjoyed the experience. Abruptly, Sam left the rise and fall of her chest and moved to her feet, where he began working the oil in to do it’s magic. She moaned softly at the almost erotic pleasure of having her tired muscles ministered to by Sam’s capable hands. Anticipating what was to come, she gently thrust her pelvis up in time to his motions on her calves and inner thighs. The almost automatic spreading of her legs brought a grin to Sam’s ruggedly handsome face. Having a perfect view of her femininity, he soon noticed the swelling of her labia and the first gleam of her intimate moisture. Skipping over the parts that she continued to thrust at him, he moved to her tummy to finish massaging her front.

Kissing her ear, he whispered, “Roll over, doll!” to which she smoothly and gracefully responded. Now on her tummy, she expected more massage oil. Surprising her, he reached under the bed for the powerful massager he’d placed there earlier. She smiled as she heard the familiar sound, eagerly anticipating what would follow. Sam slowly touched the machine’s blunt end to her back and neck, working more of the tension out, replacing it with his love. Advancing downward, he spent some time on each globe of her sexy bottom, bringing quiet groans of raw pleasure from her. To her frustration, he again skipped over her hungry vulva, and applied the unit to her inner and outer thighs. Finally, she felt him advance upward. Her legs moved even farther apart, exposing herself fully to his loving attention and the machine’s pulsations.

When the vibrations first touched her lips, she involuntarily humped the mattress, almost embarrassed at the hunger developing inside her luscious body. At one point, when she was slightly lifted from the bed, Sam slid his free hand under her, reaching down her flank to position it exactly right for her next thrust. The added contact this brought to her swollen clitoris soon drove her over the edge, and her first climax was a wild frenzy of bucking alternately against the vibrator and her husband’s strong fingers. Sam eagerly ministered to her needs, now penetrating her deeply with 3 fingers. As he curled them forward to her G spot, she went rigid as another pinnacle of passion took control. “Oh, yeah, Sam! Don’t stop!” she cried loudly. Sam obliged her, fully meeting her needs, satisfying her deeply with his touch.

As she lay there, glowing in her post-climax exhaustion, Sam slowly kissed her over and over. “I love you, baby.” he said, delighted that she’d been so fulfilled by his love making. Finally, she recovered enough to pull him on top of her, her loins still eager for that filling that only his thick manhood could provide. The length of his erection slid between her eager lips, and the firm contact with her clitoris threatened to bring about another orgasm. She wantonly wrapped her legs around his tight butt, pulling him even harder against her swollen wetness. Jena humped against his shaft, enjoying the feeling of the trapped silk fabric against his ridged shank. “Let’s get rid of those,” she said as she released him just long enough to rip the boxers from his body. His tool sprang free, and she kissed it, taking the tip between her lips for a few seconds. He didn’t want her to ever stop, but she did, pulling him on top of her, spreading her legs to take him inside her.

His thrusting wasn’t at all gentle, and that’s exactly the way she wanted it. Urging him on, she felt the beginnings of another explosion well up in her body. Just then, a knock on the door, accompanied by “Room Service!” was heard. Weakly, Sam shouted, “Just leave it there, we’ll leave a tip later!” as he never missed a stroke into the hungry body of his lover and wife. Knowing her body, he realized that she was approaching another orgasm, so he held off his own release, allowing her to take her pleasure on his hardness. Barely in control, he slipped out of her. Pulling the robe around him, he quickly grabbed the dinner from the hall, and placed it on the table.

Turning back to the bed, he was surprised to see Jena standing behind him. Pushing him into a nearby chair, she pulled his swollen shaft into view, then eagerly lowered herself onto him. Moaning and throwing her head back in pleasure, she frantically began the delightful job of milking him dry. The new pressures brought on by this unique position greatly increased each partner’s sensations. Sam soon felt that incredible delight surge through his groin, as he pumped his love deep into her hungry vagina. Jena’s orgasm washed over her at almost the same time, brought on by the heat of him filling her with his passion. Holding each other as the erotic pleasure subsided, the couple kissed deeply. “I love you so much, and I’m so glad God sent you into my life!” Sam said. Jena looked deeply into his dark eyes and replied, “Lover, no woman deserves what I have in you. I can’t believe the blessing you are to me. I feel so complete with you and in your arms!”

Later, as they enjoyed the remainder of the wine and the delicious steaks, the two lovers discussed the pressures of the day. Tiring of the topic, Jena slowly slid her soft foot up the inside of his leg, stopping only when she encountered his flaccid member. “I’m tired of talking! Isn’t there something else you’d rather be doing?”
“That all depends on what you have in mind!” Sam replied as she pulled him toward the bed, her intentions unmistakable!

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