I feel the very heat of you as you lie on top of me.
One touch, one kiss, the feel of your breath on my skin and I slip into the abyss of your love.

You kiss me and I sigh. You touch me and I cry…
Because I know this…this was meant to be…
You were meant for me.

Meant for me to hold and love until sleep parts us.
You are my love, my darling…hmmm so sweet.
I lay here for you to sample…so come to me, enjoy this treat
I am your wife…your lover for always
Enjoy my body and taste me…come to me this day

I am your queen, awaiting to be crowned.
Crowned with the pleasure of yourself
So come to me sweet darling…Come into my depths
Drive your love into me and entrap me in your sex
Give me the pleasure that no one can name
Entrap me with the joy that makes me cry your name

Give me the strength of you, give me your heat
And let me surround you with a warmth so mild and sweet
Come to me and rush in…free yourself inside
Take me tonight sweet darling…
For I am your bride

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