Hunting in the Woods

My wife loves nature.  She especially loves to go with me in the Fall of the year, into the Minnesota woods, hunting for partridge.

We enter the woods, especially on a nice warm day, and we search for the most remote spots.  I carry a backpack, and a shotgun.  My wife carries a blanket and a snack.  I also have a picnic lunch in the backpack I’m carrying, and a bottle of wine in an enclosed container with ice around the container.

We hunt for a few hours, and then we search for a remote area where the sun can shine and it’ll be a nice place to take a nap.  Each time we go out hunting we don’t do this, but at least once a season.

We got 3 partridge that morning, and as I was cleaning them, my wife laid out our blanket, put out some glasses and commenced to put our long awaited lunch out for us.

After cleaning the partridge, I came to the blanket, and we sat and ate, while sipping the wine.  Before we knew it, the quart of homemade wine was gone, and my wife had the giggles, and her cheeks were a bit flushed.  I knew she didn’t have too much wine, and she was not a frequent drinker, only when we took our special hunting trips together did she have wine.

My wife and I cleaned up the blanket area, and put everything away when we finished eating, and then we laid on the blanket in the warm sun.  It was an unusually warm day – 85 degrees — and in the sun — about 90 or more.  We were both quite warm, and I said; “Oh, I forgot to bring us pillows.”  My wife stood up and said; ‘You don’t need a pillow, we’ll just take off each other’s shirts and give the shirt to the other one, “Kind of like giving each other the shirt off their own back.”  I smiled…..yes she was absolutely right.  We stood up and removed our shirts, my wife did not have a bra on, and her 36C cup breasts were fully exposed to me.  Her nipples were about the size of a quarter, slightly aroused, and her breasts were showing the milky whiteness from where she’d worn her bikini top, and the darkness of the tan where they had been exposed to the sun over the duration of the summer sunning at the local beach.

My wife now lay down with my shirt as her pillow, and I with hers as my pillow.  We both lay down, and I had my arm around her, she faced me, and had her right leg over my right leg, and her right breast up against my bare skin chest.  My wife had a skirt on, and then I reached my hand along her bare back, and then onto the butt part of her skirt, and I slowly raised her skirt, to expose her completely bare bottom.  I instantly rose with a very hard boner.  My wife, felt the hard-on against her stomach and said; ‘Wooo, we need to do this more often tiger.”

It felt erotic, outdoors, nice weather, no mosquitoes, not a sound around us, and a naked lady lying right next to me.

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