Hidden Delights

Lisa Retoya smiled as she folded one of her prettiest satin teddies and laid it on top of the jeans and bull sale catalogs in her husband Jack’s duffel bag. She wasn’t making this trip with him, but she always tried to send a little surprise reminder of her along whenever he traveled. Jack and his best friend, Brett McCurry, were leaving later on a bull-buying trip to Montana. They’d be gone 3 days, hopefully returning with a trailer load of young bulls to improve the already excellent genetics on their respective Colorado ranches.

Jack had made sweet, passionate love to her last night, but with his high level of libido, she knew he’d be sorely missing her company before he got back home. They’d been married more than 25 years, and their love and attraction for each other continued to be as strong or stronger than ever. She loved loving him, eagerly responding to his affections. As their physical intimacy matured over the years, she found she was enjoying her man more and more. As she zipped the duffel bag shut, she thought dreamily about how sweet their reunion would be in a few days.

Outside, Brett’s truck pulled into the drive, and he climbed out and loaded his bag, extra boots and coffee mug into the back seat of the Retoya crew cab diesel pickup. Jack had just finished showering and changing into clean clothes for the trip, completely unaware of his mischievous wife’s little “gift” lurking in his bag. As he kissed her soundly, she squirmed her athletic body against his, hoping for and getting an instant reaction. The hard ridge that appeared in his faded Wranglers was hers for just a moment, though, as he said, “Honey, I’ve got to go! We don’t have time for this, as much as I’d love to!”

“OK, but you’ll be sorry you didn’t take the time by about tomorrow night!” she laughingly replied as she hugged his muscular neck and kissed him goodbye. “I love you, babe. Drive safely and don’t get distracted by any of those cute Montana cowgirls!”

“Don’t worry!” he said, as he attempted to push the persistent male bulge into a less conspicuous location in his pants. “You’re darn hard to forget!” Jack said through clenched teeth, and kissed her back. “Love you, and call me if you need anything” were his last words as his lean, capable frame disappeared out the door. Walking across the yard, he carried his bag partially in front of his left thigh to help conceal the effects of Lisa’s good bye. Thankfully, Brett was standing on the opposite side of the truck, looking over a set of yearling heifers in the closest pen to the drive.

“I wondered if I was going to have to come in and get you!” Brett teased as Jack finally reached the truck. “Women!” was Jack’s terse and somewhat frustrated comment. As the two friends headed out the drive, their anticipation of the journey slowly took over their thoughts and discussion. Their busy lives didn’t allow much time to get away, and this trip would combine necessary ranch business with good conversation and fellowship. Serving together on the Trustee board of their small rural church gave them much to talk about during the first few hours of the trip. As the darkness closed in, they were in central Wyoming, and the talk turned to the various bull sales they planned to attend.

“Did you happen to bring along your copy of the Beartooth Ranch catalog?” Brett asked Jack. “Yeah, it should be right in the top of my duffel there in the back seat.” Jack replied. Brett switched on the map light on his side, and reached back for the bag. Pulling it over the seat, he sat it on his lap and unzipped the top. As he folded back the flap, a big grin lit up his tanned face. “You started sleeping in something besides your birthday suit in your old age?” he laughingly asked as he held up the sexy jade green teddy that occupied the top of the bag.

“What are you talking abo . . . . “ Jack started to ask, then stared open mouthed as he recognized what his friend was holding. Even in the muted light of the truck cab, Brett could see Jack slowly turning bright crimson. “Oh my gosh! She did it again!” Jack said, now starting to grin sheepishly. “Put that thing back in there!” he pleaded, but Brett was merciless, swishing the sleek fabric around, whistling in admiration. Jack nearly went off the deserted road as he grabbed Lisa’s intimate apparel and stuffed it in the front of his shirt, saying “There, that’s the last time you’ll ever see that!”

Brett’s enjoyment of his friend’s embarrassment continued as he posed the obvious question, “Mind telling me what that’s doing in there?” The red faced driver swallowed hard, then said, “Well, it’s like this, Brett, a long time ago, Lisa slipped one of her little nighties into my bag once when I was headed out on a trip. When I opened the bag in my motel room that night, it was like having a little bit of her there with me. Brett, you of all people know, as my accountability partner, that I really have to be careful with physical temptations. Traveling alone can present situations that could easily get me in trouble. Lisa is a wonderfully passionate wife, and knows how much libido I have to keep in check. Her little “surprises” are an effective and intimate reminder of how much I love her and desire her. Even now, after more than 25 years, she still excites me like she did when we first met. Just between you and me, coming home after being gone a few days is like a honeymoon all over again. I think maybe she misses me as much as I miss her!”

Shaking his head and smiling, Brett said, “Jack, your little secret is safe with me, but on one condition!”

“What’s the condition?” Jack asked, surprised that Brett would bargain with him on such a private matter.

“Just this, figure out a way for Lisa to quietly share her ‘surprise’ system with my Laura!” he said, grinning and clapping his buddy on the shoulder.

The pair traveled in silence for several miles, each savoring the thought of their respective life mate back home. In their own way, each was reliving the many years of their marriages, both the good times and the hard; the trials of ranch life and of raising their families; the love and passion they’d shared with their wives; and the Godly fellowship they so relished with those same faithful, loving women of character.

“Well, do you think we’ll find what we are looking for at Beartooth, or should we just turn around and go home now?” Brett asked as he grinned and took the catalog from Jack’s duffel. “Do you want me to put Lisa back in here?” he said as he reached to grab the teddy out of Jack’s shirt.

“Heck, no.” Jack said, knocking Brett’s hand away playfully. “I’m going to keep her right here close. I darn sure don’t want her on your lap, now do I!”

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