Soaring With the Eagles

Admiring the view out the sparkling wall of windows, Lisa Retoya smiled as she cleaned the last specks of construction dust in the new sun room. The view that so delighted her included the gorgeous greens and browns of the thick shelter belt that protected the ranch headquarters from the cold Colorado winter winds. Several of the impressive Angus bulls that sired many of their calves each year lounged along the tight, strong fences that divided the numerous grazing paddocks.

While she briefly noticed all these things, the one sight that truly caught her attention was that of her husband, Jack, as he lead Cheyenne, an athletic quarter horse stallion, across the grassy center of the ranch drive. They were headed to the special breeding barn they’d built last year to accommodate the growing number of outside mares people brought to be serviced by Cheyenne and the other exceptional studs they owned. As the masculine pair angled slightly away from the house, she grinned at the similarity between man and horse – muscular bodies, strong jaw lines, confident strides, constant awareness of all around them. Even the flex of the well-defined muscles in each tight butt was uncannily similar!

As they moved past a nearby pen of mares, every fiber in Cheyenne’s 1,300 pound body came alive. His arched neck, flared nostrils and obvious arousal strongly signaling his primal need to be with the teasing females. None of this came as any surprise to Jack, and he chuckled under his breath as he worked to maintain control of the frustrated stallion. “Take it easy, fella, we’ll get you what you need soon enough!” Jack said, knowing that his words would have little if any effect on Cheyenne’s raging libido.

Lisa had been gone earlier when the wrangler from the Circle Dot ranch had brought a nice 4 year old mare that was already in season, so she was curious about what was going on. She carried the sweeper to the utility room, and went to find out what was up. Arriving at the door of the barn, she heard the unmistakable sounds of horses engaged in the preliminary stages of mating. In the special breeding chute, Lisa watched as Cheyenne sniffed the waiting mare. She, of course, had to squeal, kick and stomp at his touch, but the experienced stud simply dodged her sharp hooves and continued to nuzzle her glistening femininity. Soon, he’d convinced her of her need, and aggressively mounted her, lightly nipping her whithers in the process. The union was soon completed to the mutual satisfaction of both mare and stallion.

Jack led Cheyenne to a padded, spacious stall to await the second of three planned breeding sessions. “Hey, sweetie, would you mind taking miss “Hot to trot” back to her stall? She was in number seven, and there’s already enough hay there for her.”  “Sure!”, Lisa replied, having already begun untying the mare.

Hanging up the respective halters brought the couple of 25 years side by side. Lisa slid her arm around his waist and snuggled up against him in a suggestive manner. “You know, I really like the view out of the sunroom!”, she said, as she slid her slender fingers over his tight butt. The soft, well-worn Levi’s did little to mask the strength and muscularity she found so appealing. “Are you done for the day?”, she asked coyly. “Well, I really should work on that . . . .” but his sentence was interrupted as she cupped the obvious bulge behind his zipper with her other hand. “What were you saying, honey?” she asked again. “Oh, n. n .n. nothing! Yeah, I’m done, alright!” Jack uttered through his clenched teeth.

Grabbing her hands, he raised them above her head, backing her up against the rough cedar fence. Kissing her hard, he stabbed his tongue between her teeth to probe her wet mouth. “Come with me!”, he growled, impatiently. Eagerly, Lisa responded to his insistence and they headed across the drive toward the sprawling ranch house. Stopping, and hoping no neighbors were driving by, he grabbed her luscious bottom, pulling her mound against his body, savoring her gyrations and obvious delight.

Finally, they reached the back door, and clothes began mysteriously dropping to the floor. She momentarily broke free from his hold, and fled toward the sun room. Much like Cheyenne, Jack had become totally consumed with passion for his wife. Her alluring scent, her naked form and her teasing flight combined to drive him nearly crazy with desire. His pursuit was soon rewarded as she threw herself down on the thick bearskin rug in front of the massive native stone fireplace.  Raising her arms, she reached for him, and he instantly embraced her, savoring the touch of her delicate skin against his. The scrape of a day’s beard growth and the purely male scent of his body stimulated Lisa physically and emotionally. Her need for him growing with each second of contact.

Kissing her fiercely, Jack said, “You are so beautiful I just can’t believe it! I love you more now than ever!” With her tightly in his arms, he rolled over placing himself under her and relishing the feel of her smoothness moving on him. Her need was growing unbearable, and she attempted to impale herself on his rigid shaft. Teasingly, his strong arms prevented what they both so desperately sought. He continued to kiss her face and lips, seemingly unaware of what she so wanted from his body.

Finally, she stopped her struggles, and just molded herself to him, kissing him back, savoring the closeness. His hardness was burning into her thigh, pulsing with it’s supercharged energy, reminding her again of that deep hunger that only he could fill. Freeing her arms from his grip, she stroked his weathered face, marveling at this man she so loved. “I’m the happiest woman alive, and you’re the reason!” she said, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. “Thank you so much for being you – a Godly, loving husband who loves me even when I’m not very lovable!”

Squeezing and stroking her perky bottom, he said, “Not very lovable? Sure feels lovable to me!”. Then with a single, smooth motion, he slid her down until her wetness just touched his swollen, throbbing tool. As he looked deeply into her gorgeous blue eyes, he slowly entered her, filling her totally, stretching her delicate lips tightly around his thickness. Her groan of joy rumbled up from within her body, and she savored the sheer ecstasy of the act. Clenching, he smiled at her response as his considerable girth increased even more inside her. As he continued this intimate performance, the increased contact and stimulation brought her closer and closer to a peak. Not thrusting at all, he increased the strength and duration of each intentional swelling of his manhood, to her deep delight. The flush on her breasts and face rose higher and higher, strong evidence of her approaching climax.

Now, he began short thrusts just as his diameter was greatest, grinding himself against her love center, driving her totally out of control and over the edge. Her body bucked on him, slick with her sweat, brutally pounding her delicate parts on his rigidity. The intensity of her passion clearly defined on her face as her long hair swept around her, almost hiding her erect nipples and dancing breasts from his view. Seconds went by, and her wildness soon took him beyond his own self-control. His powerful thrusts now raising her entire body, intensifying the incredible sensations that she could almost not bear. He withdrew, then plunged fully into her, delivering his love to her deepest depths. She pressed herself tightly to him, striving to increase even more the intimacy of their lovemaking.

As their passion slowly subsided, they remained intimately intertwined and interlocked, basking in the satisfaction and love they shared. Jack gently rolled them both to their sides, his erection still firmly imbedded in her receptive body. Staring first in each other’s eyes, then together out the glass wall beside the fireplace, they both saw the soaring eagle at the same time. “Look!” they said in unison. Laughing, they kissed, and Lisa said, “He’s not the only one that’s still up!”

“No, he’s not!” was Jack’s almost embarrassed reply. Soon, the eagle was forgotten, and all soaring was occurring deep in the warmth of the soft bear skin rug, as the Retoyas reveled in their undying love for each other.

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