The Married Cowboy and Cowgirl

Jack and Jennifer had been married for 23 years, when something really strange began to happen to Jennifer.  It seems that on their 23rd anniversary, she began to have some powerful dreams at night.  She would get to sleep, and then have a dream so powerful, she would get up, and actually start acting out the dream, in her sleep!  One night, she dreamed of vacuuming the floor, and got up, still sleep-walking, and started vacuuming the house!  He did not try to awaken her, as he had heard that could be harmful for people sleep-walking.  She went to see the Dr., and he told her that usually these things pass, and don’t cause any long term problems.  He said he would be surprised if they continued more than a month.  She was relieved!

About a week past their anniversary, she must have dreamed of taking a bath, because she got up at 2am, ran some bath water, stripped completely naked, got in, and took a nice long bath.  Of course, the water running woke Jack up, and as he was rubbing his eyes, he woke up just in time to see her taking off her clothes!  Wow!  She was doing it differently though.  It was as though she could hear soft music, and she was basically stripping and swaying her body!  Really enjoying herself!  Wow.  She was HOT.  Jack was enjoying this rare pleasure for SURE!  Then as she got in the tub, she quietly moaned, and grinded her body back and forth.  Jack had to wonder if she was dreaming, or HIM?!!  She was awesome!  He lit a candle so he could see her better.  She was lifting her pussy in and out of the water, like he was in there with her or something!  She was grabbing her crotch, and groaning sweet moans.  It was SO sexy to watch.  Jack was getting really horny and hard for sure!

He had an idea.  He thought…”I wonder if I interacted with her, if it would awaken her or not?”  He had read up some on it, he thought it was safe, and worth trying.  He went into his dresser and got a special sexy something that he had purchased for a steal not long ago.  He laid it on the bathroom counter, and continued watching her.

She let the water out, and sensually and slowly began drying off, paying special attention to rub her breasts sensually, and her crotch, all the time quietly moaning like she was really enjoying it.  Jack felt moisture seeping from his mid-section!

Jack said quietly, “why don’t you put on what’s in the package on the counter”.

She acted like she didn’t hear him.  So he said it again.  This time she responded.

“Okay, but I have to still wash the dishes.”

Jack almost laughed out loud.

So she went, in the nude, and got some dishes, and brought them back to wash them in the sink of the master bathroom!

Before she began to wash them, she went into the walk-in closet with the sexy thing from the counter in her hand.

Jack couldn’t believe it!  This was GREAT!

She emerged with a robe on.  Huh?  That wasn’t what he bought her!  Oh well.

She started washing the dishes, still asleep.  She was using one sink to wash, and one to rinse.  As he watched her for a few minutes, he noticed she was taking her time, and slowly moving back and forth, as she was washing, like she was slow dancing or something.  There still wasn’t enough light, so he lit 2 more candles, sitting them on the counter.

He figured he would try to talk to her some more.

He quietly asked,  “Would you like some help?”

She replied, “Oh yeah, you can help me”, in a real sexy voice…almost a hushed whisper.

Wow!  He could get used to this!  So he started drying them as she handed them to him.

He said softly, “you sure are beautiful Jennifer”.

Mmmm, she moaned quietly.

You are sexy when you wash dishes in the dark, he said.

Mmmm, “I like being sexy for you”, she said.

Then she reached down with a warm soapy hand, and grabbed Jack in the crotch!  She rubbed him for a few seconds, and then went back to washing dishes.

WOW!  She was interacting with him, and still asleep!

Jack said, “Why don’t you take your robe off, since that water is so hot.”

Jennifer started slowly unbuttoning her robe in the front.  Then she was swaying and moving slowly, and began to tease him, pulling it off her shoulder, putting it back on.  She leaned over and put one hand on the floor, with her butt facing Jack.  She started moving her butt up and down, using her other hand to rub her butt, and slowly pull her gown up, where he would see her SEXY OUTFIT HE HAD BOUGHT!!!  OH MY GOODNESS, Jack was leaking and hard as could be!!  his heart just about stopped beating!  SHE WAS GORGEOUS!!!

She let the robe fall off over her head onto the floor, revealing the full outfit!  If this wasn’t hot, he could not imagine what WAS!

Jack had another idea, one he had always wanted to do.  He quickly went and got 2 step stools, putting one on each side of the sink, and sat himself down between them, in front of the sink where she had been washing dishes, with his back to the sink.  He said, “Why don’t I help you wash some more dishes.”

She said, “Okay”.

As she came up, he said, “I thought you were too short, so I got some boosters for you to stand on”.

He helped her spread her legs a little, and stand up on the stools.  PERFECT POSITION!!

Jack started kissing her thighs; she began moaning, and grinding.  Oh, this was a beautiful sight, as he gazed up at her beautiful breasts and nipples that were showing.

Then she reached down and started running her hands through his hair on his head, as he was still kissing her inner thighs, getting closer to her pussy.

Evidently, she couldn’t wait!  She grabbed his head in her hands, and lowered her pussy right onto his lips, and pressed his head into her crotch.  She let out a BIG moan when his tongue penetrated her vagina!!  He was in heaven, and so was she!

After a few minutes of this, she voluntarily got off the stools, turned around, and with her butt facing him, leaned over and touched the floor in front of her.  Her butt was beautiful, and her pussy fully exposed!

She was about 2 feet from him, and started moving back towards him, slowly and sexually.  He could see what was coming towards him, and the excitement was more than he could bear!

When she got close to him, he reached under her, and started fondling her breasts, as he began sucking her pussy, and putting her tongue in her warmness.  OH, she was altogether lovely!

As he stuck his tongue out, she began a back and forth motion, controlling the penetration of his tongue in her.  Oh, he wanted her!!!

Jack reached into the cabinet behind him, and got about 3 towels.  He laid one down to soak up the water a little, and then he put two as a pillow on the floor.  He laid his head down on the towels, and whispered, “I want you to straddle me”!

Jennifer gladly complied.  He couldn’t believe how free and totally uninhibited she was!!

She put her pussy right on his mouth, raising and lowering herself on him as she moaned in ecstasy.  After a bit, Jack said, “let’s switch…you lay down now”.

She did, and now Jack straddled her, in the 69 position, and she started giving him oral sex, and grabbing his butt and nuts!  He was having fun sucking her, and just couldn’t seem to get enough of her PUSSY!!!

Then to his surprise, she spoke!

In a very sexy voice, she said, “for the grand finale, I want to screw you silly!

She said, “I’ll be right back”.

She went away for a minute, which was good, because he needed to cool his jets!

She came back with a banana, some caramel syrup and whipped cream!  OH MY GOODNESS!!  This was fixing to go from a “10”, to blowing out the top of the thermometer!!

She also had the foam wedge with her, which he used to prop up and watch movies in the bed with.

She put the wedge in the middle of the floor, and spread a towel over the top of it.

I want you to put your butt on the top of the wedge, with your dick in the air”!

WOW!  He was all game!!!

He put his butt on it, and laid back, putting his head back towards the walk-in closet.  As he did, she put a folded towel under his head for padding.  He was thinking about what he might expect, but NEVER IN HIS WILDEST DREAMS DID HE IMAGINE WHAT SHE WAS GOING TO DO TO HIM!

She took her supplies and got on her knees up by his head.  He had a good view as he looked up at her awesome body!

She squirted some whipped topping in her mouth, and then French kissed him long and lovingly.  Oh, she was delicious!

Next, she put some caramel on her nipples, and then leaned down, hanging her luscious grapefruits over his mouth.  Oh, if this wasn’t heaven on earth, it had to be close!  She let him lick it all off.

This next part simply BLEW HIS MIND WILD with excitement.

Jennifer pealed the banana, and then took a bite or two.  With what was left, she put some caramel on the blunt end of it, and then, with her pussy just about over his face, she inserted the pointed end of the banana into her vagina!!!  Then she lowered herself down where I could take little bites of it.  Then she would squirt some whipped cream in my mouth!  Then she took the banana out, and let me suck the end she had had in her vagina!!  Oh, it was so good!!  She inserted it again, and just kept playing with me a little.

Then she moved over the top of me, with her pussy once again over my mouth, and let me taste her sweet banana flavor again.  All the sudden, she sprayed whipped cream on my dick and began licking it off!!  Oh, talk about ready to explode!!!  She was licking my nuts, and driving me WILD!!

Then she whispered, “Are you ready for the grand finale”?

I said, “You mean there’s more???”

She said, “yes, but I need your dick a little higher.  I’m going to ask you to sit on the stepstool, with the foam on top of it, and then lean back, with your head on the towel pillow.”

When I got into position, she stood over the stool, straddling it, facing me, and began lowering her vagina onto my penis.  I just about EXPLODED the first time she did it!!!!!!!  I was so horny, I knew this orgasm was gonna send me into outer space.  She knew I was ready to come, but wanted to prolong the pleasure a little more, so she got up, turned around, and lowered herself again, this time with her BUTT facing me!  Oh what a beautiful _________ she had!!!

She watched me and listened close, not wanting me to come just yet.

She kept getting up off me, and while giving me a breather, she would touch herself sensually and give me a little show, then she would find another position she hadn’t tried yet, and lower herself on me again, judging how much up and down motion I could take, and then getting up off me, just before I would reach the point of no return.

She knelt down by his head, and sweetly French kissed him again.  He was DELIRIOUS with pleasure.

She softly said, “I’ve been awake ever since your tongue first touched my vagina.  I wanted to play along, and give you the biggest fantasy you’ve ever had.  Oh, and by the way, I had fun too.”

Then she said, “Well, cowboy, are you ready for this cowgirl to mount you one last time?”

To which Jack replied, “Please, please mount me, where I can see your breasts dangle!!  Ride me HARD!!!  I want to come in you!!!

She mounted Jack and rode him right into the sunset, boobs bouncing, and moans and screams from both, as he came like a rocket in her, from deep within his manhood.

The next day, both felt like they had been on the range riding horses, and walked like it too!

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