Eye Contact

I’ve often thought these days of just sitting looking into your eyes. I love your smile. And what I see in that makes me sensitive and sensual. I can feel my joy and pleasure rising as I look at you. So please….come and sit with me, on me.

I know so clearly how I want you to sit. I want to sit on the bed with my back against the wall. Sitting right up, with my legs stretched out. Come and sit astride me, on me, your knees straddling me. That way is so special for what I want to do today. Of course, we don’t have many clothes on. Just our underwear.  You know how I love that! Today, I have on my multi colored striped thong.

Sit astride me. Our thighs touching. Gently. Skin on skin. I love that thought. But most of all, I just want to look in your eyes for now. No need to talk. We used to talk a good deal.  And I often just say hi to you in my mind throughout the day. But now I want to concentrate on touch and sense.

Your eyes say so much. They come alive when you smile. And I think I know how they look when you feel aroused. Even more alive. That soft smile, with just the sensual touch. I could go on looking deeper and deeper into them as we sit like this.

But how can I stop my hands from moving. From enjoying every aspect of your body. Tracing the outline of your smooth shoulders. The curve of your back. That special place at the small of your back. Your thighs. Your upper arms. Such gentle traces now. My hands move, gliding over them, tingling at my finger tips with what your flesh does to me.

We smile. But my lips move as well as my hands. Come close to me my love. Feel my lips touch your neck, your shoulders. Your upper arms as well. Planting little kisses all over your upper body.

I love your bra today. You look so sexy in it, and I can’t wait to kiss your breasts on top of the fabric. Feel my hands first, tracing the smooth curves of your breasts. My thumbs slowly moving over the cups of your bra, feeling your nipples slowly come alive underneath them. Then my mouth can no longer resist. Touching your beauty. Feeling your swelling. Kissing. Breathing you in. Inhaling your very presence. The thought of kissing you like this is so electric.

My hands are moving over your bottom now. Pulling you close to me. You know how I look when I am erect in my underwear. And that is how I am now, underneath you. Hard with joy and sensual energy. My hands love feeling your bottom. They feel even more electric near to you here. Tracing over the fabric of your panties. Feeling the join between flesh and fabric. Sometimes playing at your waistband, going inside them to really enjoy the curves of your flesh. The generous joy of your bottom. I want to see you as well as feel you. And if you turned now, I could delight in the pleasure that you would give me.

But my mouth is loving every flick of my tongue over your nipples. Working at the edge of the fabric of your bra, trying hard to find my way in. Kissing deeper. Deeper.

I sense that you too are aroused like me. If I were to move my hands from the back of your panties to the front, I would sense that even more deeply. Your swollen lips. The moisture. You can feel my manhood, alive under you. I want that connection. To enjoy the touch while being so deeply connected. Feel my hands ease the straps of your bra off your shoulders. Feel my fingers undo the clasp behind you. Stare into my eyes as I undress you. Moment by moment revealing more of your beauty.

The sight of your breasts is one of the great joys of the connection. Now I can really enjoy kissing them fully. Rolling your nipples in my tongue as I move under you. My hands explore right inside your panties now. Loving to feel of your flesh. If I hold them at the waistband, and you stand up, they will come down. Oh my goodness, the thought of seeing your like that. Of you sitting on me. Naked.

That is how we need to be. Stand my love. Let them fall. I want to breath you in as they fall from your beauty. I want to feel them near my erection. I want to be free from my own underwear, and trace your fabric over my own flesh, before you settle back down on me.

So now, move back down. Feel our flesh connect. Slide up my legs. Feel my erection near you. I want to slip inside as effortlessly as we talk. Eyes connected. Locked on one another. Staring deeply. Feel the depth. Deep, as you move your pussy lips near me, and I slide deep inside you.

Oh my ….that feels amazing. Still no talking. Gasps of delight. Smiles of sensual joy. Looking in your eyes. My hands one again tracing your flesh. Moving over every inch, electric.

I want to remain like this for the longest time. Not pushing or thrusting. Just connected. I imagine that if we stared in each other’s eyes for long enough, we could generate so much electricity between us, that we would burst forth in orgasm, as if in song for each other. Spontaneously.

So here we remain. My fingers touching you between us. My thumb on your blossoming bud, rolling over and over. My hands on your bottom. Kissing your breasts. Your perfect shoulders. Tracing up and down your back. For the longest time.

I can feel you beginning to move to the edge of your orgasm. And I know as soon as I feel you twitch around me, I’m going to explode inside you with joy.

Deeper. Deeper into your eyes. Longing. Feeling. Touching. Connecting. Wet. Warm. Inviting. Please. So strong. Looking in your eyes. That perfect smile. Now, we are going to climax together……..nowwwwwwwwww.

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