Chocolate Kiss

I stood behind the door hot, not from the lit candle I held in my hands, but from the anticipation of sex with my husband. In my mouth was a melting chocolate kiss to make sure his welcome home kiss was especially sweet that night. I saw his shadow pass by the front windows and I could feel vagina getting excited. My heart was pounding, I was nervous hoping all would go exactly as planned.

He got out his keys and slowly unlocked the door. As the door opened he stepped into a room of complete darkness. After he dropped his keys and jacket on the floor, I stepped out of the bedroom. I wore his black robe with the top open just enough to see my beautiful black bra exposed. I held a candle just below my breasts to make sure he got an eye full. I slowly walked towards him as his eyes bulged with surprise. I placed the candle on the coffee table and then grabbed him for a long kiss. The hint of chocolate caught him by surprise. He kissed me hard and deep savoring each bit.

I led him to the bedroom where I had lit candles. I undressed him completely and shoved him on the bed. He watched as I slowly undid the robe to completely reveal my black bra and panties. My oiled skin glistened in the candlelight. He reached out to touch, but was not allowed. His eyes begged, mine demanded obedience. I climbed on the bed and drizzled warm oil on his penis. He moaned as I began to slowly stroke it. I looked him in the eyes as I bent down and took the entire shaft into my mouth.

I sucked it until my vagina was so jealous that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I knelt on my knees and reached behind to unhook my bra. I slipped it off exposing my hard aroused nipples. I took one in each hand and caressed them while staring at my husband. I stood on the bed over him as he reached up and pulled down my panties. Once they were off, I straddled him and forced his penis deep inside me.

As he kept shoving his penis inside me over and over, I leaned back so he could see my breasts bounce with each deep insertion. He moaned loudly, as he got close to the edge of release. My entire body tensed, and I dug my fingernails into his skin. He grabbed me and held me tight as he released his warm cream inside me. The room suddenly became so hot that we melted in each other’s arms.

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