The Lake Effect

It was their anniversary, and they had decided on a day at the lake instead of a night on the town. They usually went to a posh restaurant and then a concert or a show on their anniversary, but this year they were ready for a change. They had spent all summer getting in shape at the gym and working on their tans, and frankly, they wanted to be where they could enjoy looking at each other. Their canoe allowed them that opportunity, and they had paddled for two hours to a favorite cove where the water was calm and warm, the shoreline was heavily overgrown, and the lake was too shallow for power boats. There was not a soul around. They had brought books and a picnic and a bottle of wine, and spent several hours lying back in the canoe, reading, talking, laughing, and soaking up the late summer sun. Now it was time for a swim.

She backstroked playfully, back arched and breasts thrust enticingly upward in a scandalously brief dental floss bikini, and, a dozen meters away, willed him to come after her. Instead, he turned away from her and scanned the shoreline, seemingly oblivious to her attention. He smiled inside, and his belly tightened as pictured her in his mind, lithe and slim, brown and slippery and almost naked.

There was a splash next to him, and it startled him. Thinking a fish had jumped, he looked to his right and saw part of her bikini starting to slither below the surface. He wasn’t sure which part it was, but he grabbed it before it went too deep and, seeing it was the bottom, he grabbed one of the side ties let the scanty garment dangle as he stroked in rhythmic circles to keep afloat. He could feel himself growing erect inside his trunks, and the net liner was becoming uncomfortable.

Just as he was about to turn and pursue her, he felt her against him. She had dived deep–he wished he’d seen that, as the bikini top was now all she wore–and come up below him, slipping her hand under his trunks and grasping his bulging manhood. He tried to turn around so he could see her, but she pressed her body against his back and wrapped her legs around his hips, mirroring his circular strokes to keep their heads above the surface.

Kicking more vigorously, he put his hands behind him and cupped her buttocks in his palms. They were tight and round, and he slipped his hands between them as deeply as he could, stroking her inner thighs and brushing his fingertips along the outer edges of her vulva. Her nudity excited him, and he badly wanted to see her.

She was aroused, as well, and worrying the knot inside the waistband of his trunks with one hand. She was clumsy with excitement, and had a hard time undoing the wet strings. Her concentration caused her to loosen the grip of her thighs around him, so he grasped her wrists and pulled her hands apart and quickly turning to face her.

She wanted to play. Putting her feet against his chest, she shoved off, backstroking with back arched and her belly and crotch above the surface. Rolling over, she swam away from him, her naked bottom breaking the surface with each kick. He took off after her, but knew he would never catch her. She went right for the canoe and dove under it, presumably popping up on the other side. So it was now a game of cat and mouse…

He reached down and undid the drawstrings of his trunks, then slid them awkwardly around his aching erection and off his hips. Swimming naked to the canoe, he threw her bikini bottom into the boat and his trunks over to the other side. He knew she would retrieve them before they sank, so he dove under the canoe himself and, keeping his eyes open, pulled himself toward her. He could see her legs pumping and her hands reaching forward to pull at the translucent green water, and he was entranced by the brief glimpse of the neat black muff and glistening pink flesh between her thighs.

Lungs straining, he changed his tactics. Quickly, before she turned around and saw him, he swam back to the other side of the canoe and surfaced, sucking the warm afternoon air. As he hung there, suspended and enjoying the feel of the water on his skin, his trunks landed on the gunwale just above his head. He chuckled, and pushed them into the canoe. In a moment, her tiny triangle top was also draped over the gunwale, and he pushed that into the canoe as well, wondering as he did so how they would get back aboard without being seen.

Now that they were both nude and both knew it, the pursuit would begin in earnest. He needed to see where she was, so he slipped below the surface and took a look. What he saw, toward the other end of the canoe, was her slim legs fluttering, thighs together, and again the neat band of black hair crowning her mauve labia. She wore a tiny white bikini that the sun had printed on her skin, narrow and low-slung, and it served—-by design-—as an arrow pointing to that secret place between her legs, now uncovered, into which he wanted to plunge his distended shaft.

He surfaced and caught his breath. As he thought about how he would catch her, there was a bump on the bottom of the canoe, and suddenly her hand gripped first his penis, then his butt. He felt her face against his thighs, and before he knew it she had slid him deep into her throat and was sucking hard, her body floating between his open legs, until she had to surface for air. When she did, she saw his hands on the gunwale of the canoe and threw her arms around him, wrapping her smooth legs around his hips.

“Screw me right now,” she gasped. “Ram that delicious thing into me and do me right her in the water. I don’t care who hears us. I want it now.”

Knowing it would excite them both, she kneaded her full breasts as she kicked, propelling herself upward so they were just above the surface, taut and glistening and eager. She reached into the water and fondled herself, twitching with the excruciating pleasure of her fingers on wet flesh, then gripped his penis and pumped it until he thought he’d come. He was sucking her breasts now, tawny but for the small white triangles left by her bikini, their dark nipples long and hard with lust. She guided him hungrily into her yearning body and they slapped their bodies together noisily, greedily, struggling to stay afloat. Their weightlessness gave them a freedom of movement they didn’t have in bed, and she felt as if his throbbing member was reaching into her very soul. They came together, and she screamed and laughed and cried and clung to him, letting her body succumb to the spasms of pleasure wracking it over and over again. She thrust herself against him, the lips of her vagina closing hungrily around his firmness, the soft water making sucking noises as their bodies came together.

They looked around, still seeing no one. He helped her as she grasped the gunwale and pulled herself into the canoe, her marvelous butt glistening in the dying sunlight, the dark lips of her sex still engorged, water dripping from the black muff above them and falling off her brown nipples.  Carefully, so as not to tip the canoe, he pulled himself up and dropped onto the bottom, where she was lying on her back. Still nude, she pulled him to her, wrapping her arms around him, and they lay there until the sun began to sink behind the horizon and it was time to paddle home.

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