Conservative or Crazy

My wife and I are the typical conservative Christian couple.  We have 4 beautiful children and have spent every minute with them (at least it seems that way) since our oldest was born 12 years ago.  For many years the kids took the top spot in my wife’s life and she will agree with me on that.  But that has all changed in the last year and a half. During our 17 year marriage our sex life was never wild and for a few years nearly non existent.           Now here I am at the door of our home preparing to take off for our first weekend trip alone for many years.  I dropped the kids at the grandparents an hour ago so my wife could finish getting ready.   I call to her and she asks me to come up and help her finish up.

I head up the stairs and find my wife spread out on our bed naked with the vibrator I recently purchased as the first toy of our marriage bed.  She had tried it a couple times only to say it was too intense but here she was now in the middle of a self-pleasuring orgasm.  I have never even seen her touch herself in the past 17 years and here she is fingering herself as she alternates the vibrator between her clit and entering it into her now extremely wet love canal.  I stood in the doorway to our bedroom totally turned on not sure what to do when she said “ I just wanted to warm up for the weekend of your dreams but now that you’re here its time for you to take over!”.  I was on that bed with my face between her legs in a spit second.  I love the taste of her womanhood and I spent the next several minutes enjoying every bit of her love juices until she pushed me away because she couldn’t stand any more.

I lay back next to her and said if this is what is ahead can we make it a week instead of a weekend?  She smiled a sexy smile and said you will be so wore out by the weekend you will need a month to recover.  If you wanted a week you should have started working out a month ago.  At that she dove down and pulled my pants off and before I new what hit me had my shaft down her throat.  We have always enjoyed oral but she has never been able to deep throat me before.  Here she was going at me like never before.  This was so new to me that it did not take me long to reach my boiling point.  I told her I was about to go crazy (this is where she normally moves down my shaft and cups my load with her hands), but she was not stopping.  Seconds later I was emptying into her hot mouth as she sucked down every bit.

At first I thought she was going to gag but she just kept it up until I was now to the point I could take no more (I get ticklish).  I asked her what just happened here tonight and she said she “I just wanted to try out some of the exciting things we have been reading. What do you think?”  “I think that was the most exciting moment in our sex life so far” I said.  “Give it an hour and you’ll change your mind” she said as she stood up slipped on the shortest skirt I have ever seen then pulled on a low cut sweater some black lace top thigh highs and the tall boots she knows send me over the edge.  With that she said, “Let’s go for the drive in the county you are always talking about”.  I have a dozen stories just from this weekend alone thanks to the love of my life that is hotter than when we were married 17 years ago.

This weekend my wife showed me that conservative Christian couple doesn’t mean boring at all. Our marriage bed has been fired up thanks to the prayers of both my wife and my self.

By: guillebot


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  1. Mtstreetdoc says:

    My attitude has always been, "any intimate act between a married couple, as long as it is pleasurable and or agreed upon by the couple should be enjoyed without any remorse or concern." We consider ourselves to be true "Conservatives", meaning what goes on between us is no one else's business or concern. Be adventurous, enjoy each other and the time you have together.

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