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Quickie Sex -Three Minutes in the Van

Quickie Sex – We have been married for 18 years and my wife is generous with her body. We have 3 kids, so life is busy. Sometimes we just have time for quickie sex only. One way to ask if the time for quickie sex is right is to ask, “May I have 3 minutes of your time?”

A couple of weekends ago I asked the question and my wife said sure and asked, “Where do you want to do it?” We kicked around a few ideas and decided on the mini-van in the garage.  The kids were in the house and distracted. We snuck out to the van, made our way to the backseat and took off most of our clothes. We started to kiss. She stroked my enlarging cock and I started to tease her clit. Knowing we did not have all the time in the world I leaned the seat back and she started to mount me.

One of the things I have come to enjoy about my wife is that she enjoys the tease. As she climbed on top she lowered herself just enough so that the tip of my rock hard dick found its way to her love bed. She then began to move her hips in such a way that I realized she was using me as her sex toy. As my moist tip massaged her outer lips and clit I started to grab her ass and moved to kiss her passionately. She then unsnapped her bra and began to rub her gorgeous breasts in my face.

As my tongue found one nipple and then the other she took me deep inside her bliss and started riding me fast and hard. I could feel my passion building and knew she to wanted me to explode in her juicy cunt. As I approached the point of no return I grabbed her hips and we made love until I filled her magnificent pussy with my essence. As we finished she shook her tits in my face one last time and drove herself down on me two or three more times for her pleasure. We smiled, we kissed. I gave her one last love pat on her ass as she dismounted.The fragrance of our union served as fleeting reminder of a fantastic “3 minutes” in the van. I love my wife and am thankful that she is both a Proverbs 31 woman and a Song of Songs lover.

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Quickie sex

By: Sarah Fleming


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very busy this weekend with our children. After reading this story. I got inspired to do something ABOUT OUR “TOO BUSY NO TIME FOR SEX” SITUATION. I requested to my husband, in fifteen minutes “have the kids watch a pooh video and meet me in the finished attic room, “I want to show you something.” He came in just on time seeing me masturbating to orgasm. He took out his love tool while watching, and we SATISFIED before the pooh adventure was over.

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