Monogamous Married Sex – Who’s in control?

Monogamous Married Sex – I am having a hard time moving this morning. Let me explain some of what happened last night.

We had started having sex. I used my fingers to bring her to the big “O” (and a big one it was). While she was in the middle of her orgasm she pulled my fingers out and pulled me into her. I assumed she wanted me inside of her while she was still coming. It had been a week or so since we had sex. She had a white tank top on with one of those bras I love so much underneath. I was stroking inside of her and I remembered how much I wanted that fine ass of hers. I really wanted to pound her from behind, it was all I could think about!

I started to pull back and slow down, but she wasn’t having it! She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me to her! She was grinding me from underneath! I picked up my pace and slammed into her, hearing our skin slap against each other every time I thrust deep inside of her. I was loving it, I opened my eyes and saw that rockin’ body and those gorgeous tits as I pounded her like there was no tomorrow. She had her head turned with a big grin on her face, she was loving it!

I was really enjoying it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her sweet ass! I looked down at her tits in that tank top and wanted to finish, but her butt was on my brain! I wanted to come, but I wanted her from behind soooo bad!

She was rocking and enjoying it as I slowed down. I think she thought I was finished. She smiled at me as I stammered through my sentence.

“I want to, well, would you…”

“I don’t know baby. I think you finished and I…”

Suddenly I was overcome and was going to take what I wanted. I pulled out and rolled her over. I love the feel of her hips in my hands as I grab her skin. I stopped and looked at that marvelous ass I’d been lusting over. Then I stopped her mid-sentence.

She was trying to tell me she was tired and wasn’t sure she wanted to continue.

Instead she said, “I just know I’m tir…OOohh!” as I slipped into her. Then I heard no more. She buried her head and rolled her shoulders forward. This means she likes it and wants me. I’m not sure if it makes her body feel me differently, or if she just wants to focus, but I know when she does this it means she’s really into it.

When we were young, she was quite the moaner and screamer. Since we have had children, she has been very silent. I have to pick up on much more subtle cues. Deeper breathing, shallower breathing, gasping, body parts twitching, arching her back, watching if her hands grab something, etc. etc.  It has been a bigger challenge for me to know what works and what doesn’t. Truth be told, since we have been having great sex, I am the one who needs a muzzle sometimes. I remember once when we knew the kids were still awake, she buried my face in her cleavage and said, “Shhh, shhh” as I was rounding third base headed home. I don’t know if she realizes that putting my face in her tits just heightens my orgasm. I came so hard that night!

Back to tonight, I slid into her without any problem. I had already made her wet, made her cum, and banged her (very well I might add) before turning her over. It had been so long since we had had sex this way, I forgot how tight she is. It felt great as I effortlessly glided inside of her. I was not expecting either of our reactions when I did. I let out a moan and my body stopped as I buried my full length inside of her. Oh, the feel of her ass against me, the tightness of her walls crushing me, feeling her satiny smooth skin as I held her hips in my hands, how could I not moan out in ecstasy!

I had to stop for a moment as I took everything in. I moved slowly for a moment, moving my hips up and down. I had this awesome sexy gorgeous woman under me, my pleasure meter was maxed out, and I was struggling not to have total hard drive failure in my brain. I rubbed my hands across her ass, down to her smooth belly skin, and under her hips.

Suddenly I couldn’t take it; I started thrusting my length inside of her. I pounded her from behind and relished every minute of it. She started cheering me on, saying, “Oh yes baby, that will do it. This will make you finish!” I could barely hear, my mind was completely wrapped around how I felt at this moment.

I brought my hands to her awesome tits and cupped those D’s in my hand. I don’t get to do this often, so again, my pleasure meter is in the redline. My brain almost can’t take all of this tactile stimulation. I felt her bra and her hard nipples in my hands. As I rode her like an untamed bronco, I was somewhat concerned about the underwire digging into her. (Okay, I was somewhat concerned, but I wanted those tits in my hands!) It was all making my head swirl with pleasure.

As if this wasn’t enough, while I stroked her insides with my engorged cock she brought her calves up and pressed my butt with them. I cried out in pleasure! She knows this sends me through the roof. Occasionally when she does this, her calf drives pressure onto my anus. The sensation is…well…all I know is that I usually don’t remember anything else until I come and come hard.  Tonight she is hitting that spot and grinding it over and over! She is actually laughing at the control she has over me and telling me how she wants me to cum!

“Oh yes, YES! Oh cum baby! Come for me!”

Her calves press my ass down as I thrust into her. Something about those smooth calves pressing and holding me down as I thrust inside her tight wetness ALWAYS makes me lose it completely. Tonight is no exception. Usually she does this when she wants me to finish quickly. With her lovely ass slapping against my stomach, her tits in my hands, and her calves pressing my butt, and her right calf parting and bearing down between my cheeks, there was no holding out.

“AAAgghnngh” I cried out as my balls tightened and I knew I was about to shoot off inside of her.

She was laughing and saying, “Ooh yeah, that’ll make you come, that’ll make you come!”

“AAAAAAAAA…AAAAgh!”  I cried as I shot my big load inside of her. I shot so hard it almost hurt! I felt like a 500lb fire hose had a Walmart garden hose nozzle attached. I don’t ever remember cumming so hard; I felt every drop of it as it shot out. It must’ve been how tight she was in this position. I cried out with desire as I kept stroking. All the while she was laughing and cheering me on, telling me she made me come, pulling on my ass with her silky smooth calves.

I have always wanted her to keep doing that while I came, grinding her calves into me while I was finishing. Usually she is lost in the moment and I can’t tell her to do it when I am shooting off inside of her. Tonight, this time, it happened. It was absolutely every bit as good as I have always expected. She was absolutely 100% in control, and I was loving every minute of it!

I want to say she squeezed every drop out of me, but I swear it felt like it all shot out on one load. I was still enjoying myself and she felt soooooo good! I was still overwhelmed with pleasure as I finished coming and my senses returned. I still had my dick in her, her ass on me, her hips on my hands, without me coming this was still heavenly. Add that I came so hard my dickhole was hurting, this was a night to remember!

I felt so powerful spewing my HUGE load into this woman I loved. Feeling her body against mine and me inside of her, I was starting to think about how lucky I was. Suddenly my body started shaking. I don’t know what it was, but suddenly I shook all over and one side went numb. It felt like an orgasm on steroids. I was still in her when I bucked and rocked like I was having another spunkfest.

“What was that?” She said.

I tried to talk, “I, guaah…I…uh,,,I don’t rrrrreally know!” My body still shaking. I felt like I came again, but this time, with my whole body! I am still stroking but my body is shaking uncontrollably as this, whatever it is, drains me of every bit of spunk and energy that I have.

When it finally subsides she grabs my arm, wraps it around, and pulls me into her. I realize that I came so hard I can’t see. I have black spots in front of my eyes as I catch my breath. She is still smiling and laughing. I feel her tits on my arm and my nose nuzzles her neck. I hold her small frame and drink in her aroma and her beauty. She cuddles with me still inside of her. I love this feeling. I feel like we completely belong to each other. As I smell her neck and bask in her beauty, she suddenly rolls and pushes me off of her and takes off to the bathroom. I make a noise as my dick pops out and the cold air of the room hits me. She is still laughing at me the entire time.

I roll onto my back. As I catch my breath, her laughing is driving me crazy. I wish I had enough left to show her who’s boss and bang her hard! Maybe when she comes back from the bathroom I’ll hold her down and show her who’s ready for round three!

No, my body won’t cooperate with that. I just lay there enjoying the thought of the awesome romp we just had, my body nearly catatonic. When she comes back she kisses me…then tells me to move off her side because she’s going to bed. I struggle to move as I turn my body around and climb into the sheets. I am still dreaming of grabbing her and pounding her, showing her who’s boss, as I hear myself snore and immediately drift off to sleep.  Nothing like monogamous married sex!


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  1. Gina G. says:

    Great Story! I love for Ben to take control. But sometimes I like to take control. Just depends on who wants it first and the most!.
    God Bless and stay horny!

  2. Flash57 says:

    Great story! Thanks so much for sharing.

    FYI…the Men’s Health article is no longer up at that link. If it’s on the site still, I don’t know, as I didn’t know the exact title. I search monogamous sex, and it brings up an ongoing column. Which isn’t bad…

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