blindfolded sex

Blindfolded Sex – Feel (L)

Blindfolded Sex – Feel

His lips graze my collarbone so lightly I could have imagined it. When they touch my neck I lift my hand to touch him.

“Nuh-uh, honey,” He says as I strain against the scarf that binds me to the bed. “Remember that tonight is mine to do the touching.” He whispers and nibbles on my ear. I’m completely visually depraved with blindfolded sex, it’s frustrating, but oh so good. That sensation of his warm breath on my soft skin, his voice so husky, has never been more erotic than now, when I can’t see through this blindfold. All my senses are heightened and he expects to take full advantage of that.

He backs away and for a few moments I feel nothing. Lying prone and naked on our bed leaves me vulnerable. The chill from the open window causes my nipples to harden. It feels exhilarating. My own breathing is all I hear and I wonder if my love has left the room. The blend of adrenaline, anticipation, and frustration during blindfolded sex are a delicious combo.

“Sweetheart?” I call out with no response. It’s too quiet  and my heartbeat picks up. I call out for my husband again, but this time I feel something cold and wet circling my left beast and rest on my nipple. “Oh!” I exclaim and my husband tongue engulfs as much of my right breast as he can into his warm mouth causing a delicious contrast. As the melted water pours over one nipple, my husband licks and sucks the other. A moan escapes my lips and I feel a pulsing warmth and cold thrill down my tummy that stirs my aroused pussy.

“Oh, baby,” I moan loudly as he switches the melting ice from one breast to the other. On contact a jolt travels through me and I feel the wetness of my pussy. He suckles harder knowing I like it rough. Nipping and biting now, he knows I’m on the edge.

“Oh, love, ah,” My body leans into the feeling in my mons, building so intensely and then…


In a flash he’s gone, bringing me so close only to back off. There’s an unfulfilled emptiness now. My body was so invested that a whimper escapes my lips.

Then with light kisses trailing down my tummy, my wonderful man gets closer and closer to my center and my body tenses in anticipation. He moves to my inner thighs, kissing and licking up, up, up to my moans and trailing away. He repeats it over and over again until my pussy is so tight I’m left begging.

“Baby, please, eat me,” My hands straining against the restraints and my heart pounding with fear that he would let this torture continue until I died of need.

But then I feel his warm breath over my aching pussy and it’s almost like time stops for a few seconds. Suddenly his tongue is licking around my smooth outer lips and it feels good, but not good enough. I wiggle under his attention before I feel his mouth finally descend on my wanting pussy. He uses his tongue rapidly, lapping up my juices as more flow. By tummy tightens even more when he slips one, two, three fingers into me while attempting to suck me dry. My hips raise and grind on his mouth and my senses are overloaded when his fingers reach up to pinch and tweak my nipple. It’s all I can do to not tear myself free and run my hands through his thick, dark hair and push his head further into me.

He begins to finger-fuck me and I buckle with every thrust. My hips slide and buck to meet every plunge and I feel my pussy clench around his fingers. “Oh, oh, b-babe… Ahh, honey, my pussy… Oh, yes, fuck me… so good.” I know I make no sense as the pressure overtakes me. My clit is so engorged by now that he and I both know it will trigger an explosive orgasm.

I feel the pressure of his body as he moves up mine for blindfolded sex. With his fingers still pumping inside me, he lands a searing kiss on my lips. I know I’m sloppy, but I can’t help it. I feel drunk off of this sweetly lustful and heated passion between us.

His voice is deep and soft when he says, “What do you want?”

I can only whimper in response, but, he is adamant. He wants to hear me say it.

“I’ll stop if you don’t tell me exactly what you want,” he threatens.

My breath shudders. “I want you inside me.”


“I want to feel your cock inside me.”

He kisses me yet again and whispers, “How?”

“I want you to fuck me from behind.” He pauses above me, before I feel him releasing my arms and legs from my bounds. Gently, he helps me to stand and kisses me solidly before turning me around.

I reach to take the blindfold off, but he stops me. He plays with my breasts and I feel his hot breath on my ear. “Leave it on. I don’t want you to see when my  hard cock plows into your tight wet pussy and fuck you into your next orgasm. I want to surprise you with the first plunge. Make you scream my name.” That alone makes me feel weak and ready for blindfolded sex.

Then he bends me over and I wait. In one swipe he fills me and I cry out, my pussy automatically tightening around his member. He thrusts deep. Burying himself into me down to hilt. His hands are on my hips pulling me to meet his every plow as my hands grip the bedding. The feeling is pure bliss as his whole thick, ridged cock rams in and out of me.

The feeling is too much so I beg, “Make me cum.” He reaches around to rub my sensitive clit and the sensations are too much for me. My knees buckle and everything grows hazy when the most explosive orgasm rips through me.

When it ends all I hear is our heavy breathing. He takes the blindfold off. I look over at my handsome and wonderful husband and thank the Lord for giving me a man who loves to pleasure me. I stand and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. “Thank you so much darling. I didn’t realize how much I needed that.”

“Anything for you, sweetheart.”

Standing this close I feel his cock, large and hard against my stomach. “It looks like someone needs a little more attention,” I say before pushing him to sit on the bed. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Blindfolded Sex – Feel

blindfolded sex

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7 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    Very sensual way to blindly anticipate what would happen next! Wives please respond if this would be something I should approach my wife with. Looking for ways of new experiences to re-ignite our passion. Thank you for sharing!

  2. 76servant says:

    Wonderful experience! Captured my senses! The blind anticipation of waiting for the next approach. Wives, if you’ve experienced this, please give advice to me and other husbands in how to approach this with our wife’s. excited about trying blindfully!

    • Blondie says:

      76servant, as with anything involving bondage-type sex, you should probably set some ground rules together first so she knows you’re not going to take her any places she doesn’t feel comfortable going and so you can rest at ease knowing she’ll enjoy the experience with you as a dominant and her as a submissive. A high level of mutual trust is always a must. Blessings on your marriage as you try new things together!

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    HOT! We’ve done the blindfold but the most Heather has allowed for bondage is holding her hands down. I’ve always wanted to tie her down and be tied down.

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