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Sexy Bra – Fantasy Inside of a Dreamy Night!

Lately my wife and I have been having great sex. Here is one story of a recent experience. I call it “Fantasy in the middle of overwhelming pleasure.”

I knew it was my night to get lucky. As we spent time with each other in the afternoon, she wore a black tank top to tease me. She’s been wearing new sexy bras lately. I love the feel of satin, how smooth it feels on my skin. Each sexy bra is made of satin with a sexy underwire. I love how they mold her DD tits and give me a view of her ample cleavage. I can barely stand to watch her change clothes. She always threatens me with leaving the room to change. To tell the truth, I think she likes it when I get all googly moogly when she changes. She rarely leaves the room, though she threatens it all the time. I have a really hard time talking when she rips her shirt off. I can think of nothing but how great it would be to hold massive tits in my hands or have them in my mouth.

We got the kids into bed and settled in for some television. As we sat on the couch, I was enjoying the smooth skin of her legs. Her thighs were against mine, with my hand on hers. Her smooth skin always excites me when I touch her. Even when we were young and dating, all I needed to do was touch her inner thigh to make my manhood grow uncontrollably. I remember when we would make road trips. She would wear a mini skirt. Her rockin’ body would make me crazy enough. I would touch her inner thigh as we were driving and it would shoot me over the edge. We’d end up doing something crazy, sometimes pulling off the road, and sometimes going down the highway!

Twenty-three years later, she still makes me crazy. The touch of her skin, her lips on mine, the smell of her neck as I kiss her. I was looking at her on the couch, just admiring the view of my beautiful wife. She had just had her hair done. Her hairdresser always makes her hair so sexy. She drives me wild when her makeup is light (but perfect), her hair is sexy, and she’s wearing something she knows I like.

As I rub her thighs, she turns to me and says, “Ready for bed?” as she stands up. While she stands I get a glimpse down her tank top and get a full view of her massive cleavage and that sexy bra. At this point I am aching to grab her and throw her down on the couch. I say, “Bed yes, sleep no!”

“No? You mean you don’t want to go to sleep?” She says, toying with me, turning to walk toward the bed.

“Oh no!” I said. “That’s not happening” as I stand up. She reaches her arms backward. She likes to do this for a sort of backward hug. I put my loving arms around her. She cants her neck to the side to give me an open spot to nuzzle and kiss her neck. My arms can feel those tits crushing against them. I smell her neck while I kiss it. I am getting drunk in the sexiness of my wife.

She lies on the bed face down. “Rub my back!” she says. (She likes to act demanding…I like it too!) As she lies down, I can see her shoulders. Her hair is short and sexy, so her neck is open to me. The black straps of her sexy bra can clearly be seen outside of her tank top. This is so sexy to me. I want to take those sexy bra straps and pull them off her shoulders and thrust inside of her. I refrain as I don’t want to kill the moment. As I kiss her neck my lips touch the satin sexy bra strap. I rub my lips up and down the material and kiss her shoulder.

The shorts she is wearing give me a view of her bare thighs. This summer her tan is deep. I look at her brown silky thighs and imagine touching them. I already said touching her skin stirs me to an erection. Add in moaning from the back rub, the tanned legs, and the even softer skin of her inner thighs, and I have very little blood in my head.

I have always been adept at back rubs. As I rub her down, she makes noises of pleasure. I focus on her shoulders and work my way down. When I get to her butt, she moans louder. I know she likes the small of her back rubbed. I also like to cup each cheek and thoroughly massage it. I can tell she likes it when I do that.

As I work my way down her thighs, I can’t hold out much longer. I rub her thighs up and down. I reach up and rip her shorts off. The elastic easily pulls down over her sweet backside (I think she helped me by raising her hips). When I get them off of her, she crossed her feet and brought her calves up to her buttocks. This squeezes the cheeks together and accentuates her butt, which drives me wild! I love her perfect ass!  Shoot, I love to pound her from behind, hard enough to make her lose control while we’re banging. When she wants me to come, all she has to do is bring her feet up, like she’s doing now, and dig her heels into my butt. This drives me absolutely nuts! I never last more than a minute or two after that!

As I watch her she puts her cute small feet back down on the bed, and then crosses her legs. This drives me wild. It rounds and flexes her cheeks. I love banging her from behind with her legs crossed to make her even tighter. I have a fantasy of bending her over a desk, in a skirt. While we rock back and forth, she crosses her legs to squeeze every drop from me while I thrust in and out of her, watching her ample tits crushing against the desk. Back to present day reality (We enjoy monogamous fantasy in our sex life, but reality is our real life).

I am now rubbing her thighs. As I move upwards, my fingers brushes across her panties as I move up. I can feel the hair coming out from the elastic of her underwear. As I drag my fingers up her legs and across her underwear, I feel her shiver. She parts her legs giving me indication to touch her more. I massage her through the sexy underwear and she starts moving her hips. I take this as the time to remove her underwear and put some Vitamin E oil on my hand.

I move my oiled fingers between her legs, while she is on her stomach, and drag them slowly across the lips between her thighs. She quakes at my touch. I take my other hand and reached underneath her hips. I love feeling her hipbone on me as I reach underneath her and start steadily toying with her clit. As I fingered her with one hand, I use the other hand to pull back the hood and rock her clitoris. I love watching her grab the bed rails or the sheets when she is in pleasure. Her body begins to buck and clench as my hands moved in a steady motion. I keep moving my fingers in and out of her and I apply steady pressure to the nub that drives her so wild. I massage her mound with my palm while I rub my finger around her clit steadily. She starts to rock back and forth. As I keep going, she stops rocking. Suddenly, her back arches up and her whole body starts to shake. She grabs the bed rail with one hand and the sheets with the other. I keep applying pressure with one hand, flicking her clit with my fingers, and stroking my fingers in and out of her, applying pressure to the g-spot as well as I can with the angle I am at.

When she stops shaking and shuddering, her eyes are closed. Her whole body tenses, clenches, and relaxes. She came hard! She remains still for just a few seconds, almost as if she’s catching her breath. She pulls away from my hands and rolls over onto her back. I’m glad because I want to look at her tonight. She has been driving me crazy in that tank top of hers, and now I’m going to take her. As she rolls over, I notice how beautiful she is. Though it’s dim I can see her beautiful face, which is framed differently by her new haircut. She seems to have what looks like expensive earrings on. Her huge tits are being held in an expensive looking bra (which I am fairly certain she left on for me). Her tank top pulls her tits together, showing me her cleavage. I feel her silky thighs against me; it drives me wild feeling her smooth skin against mine. All of this is filling me with lust and pleasure.

My manhood is large and swollen. The huge purple head is covered in pre-cum. She immediately pulls me on top of her. I want to tease her, but I want her too badly as she pulls me into her. I try to rub the swollen head against her just to tease her. She likes it but she deftly moves and suddenly I am inside of her. Waves of pleasure wash over me. I can tell when I give shallow strokes, I touch more sensitive areas (and she likes it). However, she also likes me to just bang her with abandon, thrusting deep inside of her. She grabs me in a way that makes me start pounding her deep. Suddenly we can hear the slapping of our skin together as I can no longer control myself and begin thrusting deep inside of her.

I look down as we writhe our bodies together. I see that her head is turned slightly sideways. I know this means she feels pleasure as she places her hands on my forearms and squeezes. I can see by the way she scrunches her face; she looks like she might cum again. As I move inside of her, her hands stop squeezing and they open, as if she’s pushing me away. After this long, I know this means she’s loving the sensation and giving herself to her pleasures.

Suddenly I look at her and feel something new! I see her beautiful face. Her earrings look expensive. Her hairstyle looks expensive. Suddenly in my mind, I’m still having sex with her, but she is a rich wife cheating on her husband. I am turned on all the more! I look again at her in her tank with the sexy bra straps showing, her full tits molded perfectly, her beautiful face and hair, and suddenly (in my mind) she is a hot rich wife cheating on her husband.

I start thrusting deep into her thinking, “yeah, I’ll take care of what that guy can’t. He can’t pound her like I do! He’s probably neglected her, that’s why she’s here with me tonight!” (For a moment it crosses my mind that the husband is me, but then I realize it is my fantasy and I quickly push that away).  “Yeah, I’m gonna bang her so hard she will never want to quit cheating with me! She is so hot and sexy, look at her! Oh my, how can he ignore her passions! What a beautiful, sexy, hot woman you are having the privilege to bang! Look at those tits – Perfect! Look at her face – she really loves what you’re doing! Bang her…bang her hard! Make her cum again! Make her enjoy being with you!”

I reach down and grab her perfect ass, and I feel a familiar rumbling in my balls. I look down as I thrust deeply and say softly “You…are…so…hot! I can’t stand it! You are so hot!”

I look at her and remember that she wore that sexy bra for me. I reach up and feel her skin underneath the underwire. I am so hot right now! I know it may kill the mood but I lift up the tank top and bury my face in her perfect tits. The feel of the satin on my face and her silky smooth skin on her soft breasts is more pleasure than I can stand. Suddenly that rumbling is coming like an avalanche. I can feel that I am about to come. I keep my face buried and thrust harder, slamming my balls against her ass. I feel her silky thighs on either side of my hips. I lift my face up and view her sexy bra, voluptuous tits, beautiful face contorted in pleasure, lipstick, earrings, beautiful hair, and I can hold out no more.

My body stiffens as I continue thrusting. My eyes close and I see white. I still feel her all around me, but my body has taken over now. I can feel my ribbons of come shooting inside of her. I stop moving and thrusting hard while my body feels like every cell is exploding. The white turns to stars as I feel my arms trembling. I feel like she can feel every giant throb of my cock as I keep shooting streams of cum inside of her. The orgasm rocks my body and I lose all sense of time and awareness of my surroundings.

I sort of “come to” and realize my head is turned sideways so that I am not breathing on her face. My senses begin to return and I want to look at her. She is still so beautiful as she look at me and smiles. I close my eyes again and feel the last of my juices shooting inside of her. I shudder as I seem to be finishing.

“You okay baby?’ She asks, smiling.

“I…uh…yes, absolutely. Better than ever.”

Still smiling she says, “You make funny faces!” while she pokes my sweaty forehead with her index fingers.

(It is agitating, but so sexy when she teases me. It turns me on and makes me love her even more.) Then I feel her squeeze me while I am still inside of her.

“Aaah-aaah!” I voice as she contracts on me at the height of my ultimate sensitivity, just to prove she’s still in charge. My dick is so sensitive now; I shudder when she does it. She smiles and does it again.

“Ahhh…uhhhngh” is all I can mouth as she squeezes the last drops from me. Suddenly I feel that I have shrunk and she’ll want to get up. I don’t want to move, it feels too good. Even as I shrink I feel the sensation of pulling out of her. My body is stiff as she pats me on the chest and rolls me off of her. I lie on the bed, unmoving, my body wracked with pleasure. I lie there, gasping, and I keep shivering as if I am not finished yet.

She asks from the other room if I have any bodily fluids left in me. I barely gather my wits enough to say, “I…don’t…need to try and talk right now.” I am done gasping and panting, but my brain and body are still not in full sync yet.

“Cat got your tongue?” She says as she walks around in the bathroom. “You’re such a smartalec.” I think about how sexy she is and how lucky I am. I wish I wasn’t so spent and that we could do it again. Even if she offered I feel I couldn’t gather my mind and body to perform right now.

She comes back out and I get to watch her take off the tank and the sexy bra while she changes to a baggy T-shirt. I realize that she really did wear all of that for me. She is so sweet, and I am so lucky. Then she says, “Okay, MOVE!” and, “GET OFF MY SIDE” with a smile on her face as she pulls the covers back.

I manage to roll to the side and get in the covers. I offer no speech as my body still convulses with pleasure. I still feel my orgasm in my toes now. They flinch every few minutes until I get sleepy. I remember again what a lucky man I am as I drift off to sleep.

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sexy bra

By: Florence N


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7 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I have hot fantasies like that too. I liked how you “knew” this was your wife. While fantasies spice things up, inspired by a movie we watch or a book we read, we always know that we do not cross the boundary beyond real monogamy. Fun story.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a role playing fantasy, fantasy. Once my wife dressed up and we drove separately to our dance class. While we knew we were husband and wife, but we playfully talked all night like we did not know each other. I asked her to come home with me. Once home we were husband and wife again, the sex was hot! We decided to stay away from fantasies that included threesomes, group sex and bi-sexuality. We love hot monogamy and choose to keep it special!

    • damian45 says:

      Great question about limits! When I fantasize, it is nearly always about her (my wife). In my mind I have made her comic book heroines, or movie charachters, but it’s always her in the role. Does that make sense to anyone?

    • damian45 says:

      Yes, it was still “her”, but it was also my fantasy girl. My fantasy never becomes someone else, but I still fantasize sometimes. I love your comment on keeping the monogamy line in place. I think that makes for BETTER sex!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantasies about being with another woman interested my mind planted by the porn weused to watch. I have taken my fantasy life in a different direction in regard to bi-sexual thoughts and other swinging thoughts.. This website is really amazing for that. Thank you marriage heat! My husband had fantasies of sharing me in a three some or with another man. Again the pornograghy influence. The mind is a powerful thing. We are so glad to train our imaginations for as you put it around at this website “hot monogamy”.

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