Lunch at Home

I imagine you lying in bed waiting for me. The clock shows 11am.  I called you earlier and let you know that I was on my way home for lunch.  You have placed candles around the room and put on some soft music. You have taken a long hot shower, shaving down there so that is it smooth for me, as you know I love you this way, too, and every now and then you like to surprise me. You’re lying there thinking about what will soon happen between us.

You hear me walking up the stairs to the door, turning the lock and coming inside. I lock the door behind me and you hear me take my keys and other stuff out of my pockets; then take my coat off and hang it up in the closet; then begin making my way down the hall to our bedroom. I look at you on the bed, my eyes feasting over your body.

I slowly undress, revealing my body to you. You watch me, your eyes roaming all over you, seeing my body you smile. Then I am on the bed beside you, we begin to kiss, our tongues in each other’s mouths. You begin to kiss my neck, and I moan softly at me as you reach down between my legs and feel how excited you make me. My hand reaches to pet your breasts, and then I kiss you there.  Moving my mouth away, you smile at me, wanting more.

I reach down to touch your center. You try to push yourself up to meet my hand but I tease you. Slowly running my hands on the inside of your thighs, your legs spread open wanting me to touch you. My hand runs up over your vulva and back down again. Then my hot hand covers your entire most intimate center caressing it all over. You move yourself trying to get my fingers to penetrate you, your breathing becoming deeper. I slide down the bed and kiss gently around your folds. You arch yourself to me wanting more. I taste your wetness.  I dance my and flick my tongue from the opening of your vagina right up to my clitoris. Your body starting to tremble all over, I increase pressure and pace.

I look up at you playing with your breasts, squeezing them. I know that you are about to climax.  Moving my tongue faster and sucking your clitoris into my mouth, your thighs clamp around my face and you moan loudly as you have your first orgasm of the day. I don’t stop even though you are rocking wildly wanting to get away, but wanting more not to, and then you climax again.  As this happens I tenderly slide one finger inside you.

You try to push me away as the sensation on your down there becomes too much.  You try pulling me up on top of you want me penis inside or you. I tease you rubbing myself against you. My manhood becomes so slippery from all of your wetness, and I slide it inside you, easily. You grip me tightly with your tight, little sex, and you hold onto my body as I begin to enter you more. You take all of me inside you, every inch of my hardness.

I begin building up speed, as we both need each other so badly. You lock your legs around me, pulling me into you. My strokes become faster and faster. I feel you clamp down with your inner muscles, gripping at my penis so very hard as you have yet another orgasm.  We’re making love…fast and urgently now.  Finally you arch your back and I feel your vagina expand inside while at the same time you squeeze my penis.  I have my orgasm gushing my hot semen inside of you as we both moan loudly…and then we slowly come to rest, kissing and cuddling feeling safe in each other’s arms…as we have for eighteen years of marriage.

I think I’ll work from home the rest of the day.

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  1. sid says:

    Beautiful. I love that there are no names so I can fantasize about my spouse in this scenario. There should be more written like this as it is an inspiration for our intimate marriage relationship without the distraction of other peoples names.

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