Breaking in the Van

We just purchased our first mini van, one where the rear seat folds down into the floor and the kids can sit in the back and watch movies on the DVD player.  And while we were driving it home; my husband said we should give it a good break-in.  So, when we got home and pulled into the garage, my hubby stayed behind to look over our new wheels and told me he would join me inside in a few minutes, while I took our sleeping crew in and tucked them into bed.  I chalked it all up to pride-of-ownership and left him alone in his glory.

It was one of those humid nights, with the warm tropical air being driven north by a storm making its way up the coast, so I decided to change into something cooler, and swapped my jeans for a pair of what my husband calls my “too cut off cut-offs” and a lightweight shirt, which I tied off at midriff, and then went downstairs to the kitchen to make myself something cool to drink.

The night wasn’t getting any younger and the minutes had started rolling by, which got me to wondering whether my husband had somehow managed to get lost somewhere between the garage and the living room, so I went back out to the garage to see if he was still admiring the new car.

Sure enough, hubby was out there dusting her off, and fiddling with the fold down rear seat, which he insisted I try out – which I did.  And as I bent over to grab hold of the strap and pull the seat over, I felt a very warm set of hands suddenly slide up the bottom of my cut-offs onto my bottom, and for a moment I just stood still and let myself enjoy the tantalizing caresses on my buttocks.

Those warm, wonderful hands of his soon moved up around my waist and dipped into the front of my cut-offs, sliding down the silky fabric of my panties until they had found their mark.  He pressed tightly against my bottom, swiveling his hips in slow motion, rubbing his expanding midsection against me.

“I thought,” he said, letting his probing fingers do most of the talking, “that you might like to help me ‘break in the van’ this evening.”

“Out here?” I asked, “what about the kids?”

“They’re asleep, right? “

“Yes, but what about…?”  And before I could express my last, although somewhat uncommitted, reservation, he cut me off in mid-sentence.

“Babe, I’ve always fantasized about making love you with in the back seat of our car.  And right now I really want you.  And here’s the car, and here’s the backseat.”

I really had no argument that I wanted to put up, and besides, with his hands already dipping into my wet recesses, I was more than slightly aroused.  So we climbed into the back of our mini van together, my husband sitting against the side with me kneeling in his lap.

For a while, we just looked at each other.  His eyes were just so full of love.  And then I lowered my face to his, and we locked our lips together, exchanging deep, warm licks and kisses.  His mouth tasted so good.

I leaned back from him and began to undo the buttons on my blouse.  His eyes were transfixed on my fingers, watching as each button was undone, though awaiting a grand revealing.  When I untied the bottom of my shirt, I opened it slowly and deliberately, letting my breasts fall free.  And I cupped their fullness them in front of him, and commanded him to him to “make love to my breasts.”

He leaned forward and cupped my breasts in his hands, running his fingers all over them, gently pinching my hardening nipples between his fingertips.  I let out a low moan as he planted his lips on my swelling teats and flicked his tongue on the rigid tips.  My breasts were bathed with warm, wet, delicate kisses.  Over and over he returned to my erect teats, sucking them gently into his mouth, and swirling his tongue around my nipples.

I could hear his breathing changing, becoming more rapid and deep.  I knew he was growing more and more aroused.  I knew I was.  My juices were running and I could feel them soaking my panties.  I wanted my husband inside of me, wanted to feel him filling me up with his big, beautiful penis, to feel him penetrating me to the deepest parts of my wet recesses.

Pushing him gently back, I stripped off my cut-offs and panties in front of him, revealing my clean shaven mound to his wanting gaze.  Then I helped him out of his shirt.  I rubbed my hands along the length of the bulge in his pants, feeling the surfaces of his erection as my fingertips navigated its swollen length.  I unwrapped his “package,” undoing first his pants and zipper, and once they were off; I tugged at the elastic waist on his boxers until his penis sprang free, all swollen, and erect.

Wrapping my hands around his member, I began softly pumping him, watching the head of his tool disappear between my hands.  A dribble of pre-cum trickled from the tip.

“Rub yourself with me,” he panted, “make me your toy.”

So, I changed positions and sat spread-eagle in his lap, and pulled his penis against my wet slit and began to rub myself with his manhood.  His penis felt so good rubbing against my clitoris; its heat adding to the pleasure I was experiencing.  I heard him moan how hot this looked.  I was so turned on that my nectars were freely flowing and coating his manhood, lubricating him and making it easy to slide my vagina up and down the length of his shaft.

Pure bliss enwrapped my body, and I came in the most intense orgasm, holding his penis tightly against me while one wave of passion after another convulsed through me.  I totally lost track of and time and space, and forgot that I was a naked woman in the back of a mini van going through the contortions of orgasmic ecstasy.  I don’t know if the whole neighborhood heard me, and I had no idea of what my husband was feeling at the time, but later he told me how hot I looked coming in front of him that way.

“Do you have a condom,” I asked returning to my senses and find my husband’s tool still awaiting my intimate attention?  I always help him to put on a condom before he enters me.

There was disappointment and longing in his voice.  “Not tonight, babe, please not tonight.”

“But you know…”

“I know babe, I know.  But I need to feel your warm, wet vagina wrapped tightly around my penis tonight.  I need to feel you tightening around me.  I just want come and come and flood your vagina with my hot semen.  And I don’t want there to be anything between you and me.”

I wanted it, too, and so kneeling above him I raised myself up and guided his manhood towards my wet opening, and then lowered myself onto him.  When his rod was fully inside of me, he grasped me by the hips and held me in place, his head rolling back, a deep moan emitting from his body.

“That feels so good,” he cried, “you’re so wet.  Oh it feels so good inside your vagina.  Ride me, baby, ride me hard.  Make me come inside of you.”

I leaned forward and began riding up and down the length of his shaft, first slowly, enjoying how his manhood spread me open and filled me, how I could feel its heat through the walls of my clenching vagina, and then more vigorously, increasing the tempo, driving my husband towards his own spurting orgasm.

At first, my husband lay back, his hands resting on my hips, watching me bounce up and down on his flesh pole.  From time to time, he would reach up and fondle my breasts, squeeze their fullness, and stroke my taught nipples.  But as his own passions arose, he began thrusting his hips, meeting my every down stroke, causing his penis to plunge deeper into my gripping hole.  And then he gripped me tight and forced himself as deep into me as he could go, and with a great, body-wrenching spasm, let go of a load of hot semen into my box.

His penis exploded like a cannon inside of me.  I could feel the heat of his hot spunk splashing against the walls of my vagina.  Every burst was filling me, every ejaculation pumping more of his hot cream into me until I was sure that it was running out of me and all over his penis and balls.  Two more spasms finished him off and he released his grip on me.

We stretched out together in the back of the van, lightly caressing each other’s bodies.  My husband’s fingers played gingerly in my vagina while I stoked his love-soaked member.  Although I was ready for another round of passion, the back of the mini van wasn’t exactly where I wanted to spend the rest of my evening.  So, we gathered up our belongings, closed up shop, so to speak, and ran naked through our house to the bedroom.  I later thought was must have looked kind of funny streaking naked through our own house.

Back in our bedroom, we continued what we began out in the garage.  When I went down on him, I could taste the two of us on his swelling manhood, and when he came in my mouth, I decided to share some of it with him.  It shocked him a bit, but I think it made the evening all the hotter.

My husband plugged my vagina two more times that evening, and by the time we finally went to sleep, it was well after midnight.

No, I’m not pregnant yet, but we’re no longer doing anything that will prevent it from happening.  And as to the mini van, let’s just say we like going for rides a lot more than we used to.

God bless.

By: Flóra Soós


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you make your husband want you? My husband prefers to read a book or watch tv and have been rejected many times. I would really like for my husband want me more.

  2. smitten says:

    Great story! The description was so hot I could almost feel my dick wrapped in the comforting and exciting place my wife has for me. We have dressed up our van with curtains and it is one of those special places we have naughty sex in parking lots. Our little secret while people are walking by.

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