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Make Love Often – A Lioness Attitude

This is Part Two of “Christian Hot Wife’s Journey.”   Click Here to Read Part One: Christian Hot Wife

Make Love Often – I’m nervous. My journey to being a Christian hot wife began. Tomorrow would be day one. I wanted to make love often, but I as I was heading for bed I was not in the mood. I was struggling whether or not I was committed to make love often with my husband.

Part of me wanted to be that  “lioness”. The other part of me wanted to stay a safe hen. If I was going to make love often like I wanted, I had to face my fears and worries and have some attitude.

I have done things like this before. And I would get committed to something only to quit. I tried this diet or that exercise program, but did not stay with it.

I decided to not worry about all my mental hang-ups.  I would at least start at day one tomorrow morning in order to make love often. I also resigned myself to not having any orgasms in the early stages so as to not put too much pressure on me. I decided to share my journey to the readers of to encourage others to make love often too.

Deciding to write about this journey was the place I needed to be in order to give me accountability to be the Christian Hot wife. I placed myself into a position where I will make love often to my husband whether I feel like it or not, I had a new story to write. I was convinced that sexual feelings follow actions anyway. I went to bed without my panties on.

Make Love Often “Day One”

I sort of slept restlessly. I let my fingers go down there off and on during the night. Morning arrived. My husband was still sleeping like a baby. My husband had given me permission to masturbate anytime I want as long as my thoughts are “purely in or for our marriage and for the strengthening of your pelvis floor” to use his words.   I began thinking about what I had planned for today. He was off work today. I caressed my stomach and tits first. I was thinking about his hard penis.

I imagined putting his penis in my mouth. One of my fingers moves it way down to my clit and other sensitive spots down there. I am wet and getting wetter. In my mind I am licking the tip of his penis anticipating sucking it. I got a dab of lubricant and inserted one finger into my love spot. After a little while, the other hand came down to help. I was slowly climbing up the mountain. My breathing was getting heavier as the air seemed lighter as I climbed to the peak.

My pelvis and legs were bucking. My mind lost consciousness of my surroundings. I was reaching the peak, trying to be quiet enough not to wake my husband. I was breathing in pleasure saying in my mind…YES. YES. YES.

Just as I was simmering lightly, I felt hands passionately grab my butt. My husband’s hard member was positioned against my leg. He turned me on my side, eased his way in and staked his claim into my tight pulsating hole.

His thrusting brought me to the next peak and he and I climbed to the top of the mountain. I Climaxed. He did not yet. He kept thrusting. He took his hand and cupped my breast, gently pinching my right nipple extending my orgasm. YES. YES. YES. Just then I felt the mountain explode in me and his lava gushed inside my crater.   As we simmered down, spooning in each other’s arms, I began to think about my journey to be a Christian Hot wife. My new theme was “make love often.”

My husband said, “What has got into you this morning?

I asked him, “Do you want to make love often?”

“Yes. He replied.

“I do too,” I said.  “If I want to spice up our sex will you go along?”

His eyes widened and he smiled. “Yes.”

“Will you also start imagining ways to make love more often? Tell me what you want, when you want it. In our exclusive bond of marriage, including only just us?”

He said, “you don’t know a guy’s mind?”

Then he surprised me. “I will not only tell you my thoughts, but I want to be the man of your dreams. I just bought a book called “Romancing Your Wife”, our pastor recommended.  You deserve to be treated like the wonderful woman God made you to be.”

So the journey to make love more often has begun. The day was young and we already had climbed one mountain. A wonderful feeling of anticipation followed me into the shower. My husband was going to be glad he was alive today!

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10 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    I was waiting for part two. Thanks for writing part two. I would love to buy a Christian Erotica book that pitched stories that helped marriages.

    Awhile ago I came to the same conclusion as you. My creativity was stuck. I was mommy but not wife.

    Making changes is easier when you have support. This site is supporting me in my marriage journey. Thanks for sharing your story. Maybe I should write too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Five years ago, I started on this journey. My sister was at the same place with her husband. We kind of supported each other in ideas. My sister even had a vibrator party. I actually went and bought something. My husband loved it….lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My wife read part one of this series and the blog about marriage sex. She asked to meet with me and talk about making changes. I would love to read some stories about how we can be more romantic and be turn ons for our wives.

    • Anonymous says:

      My DW showed me MH. I am the one that needs to turn up the heat. She has always loved physical attention. I don’t want to watch pornography to think sexy. MH makes me want to make love to my wife, which she really wants. Do any other men struggle with low libido?

  3. Anonymous says:

    We have been married for 19 years. We occasionally have sex (one a month) . I love him. I thought that most Christian marriages eventually cooled down. He wants it more, but I told him he has to realize that we are maturing into friends. This site make me wonder if I have a wrong expectation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are near thirty. We seen a lot of porn. This site is helping us stop looking at porn. We don’t have to compare our selves to the actors on the screen now, but are learning how one man and one woman can be hot and stay hot. Some of the stories from those who are older than us are really inspiring.

    We were very close to trying swinging and multiples like we seen in our porn movie collection. Our thinking was messed up. MH gets good thinking going.

    We threw our porn movies away.

    • rocket says:

      Happy to see this happy ending. What a deliverance for a marriage that would have been wrecked and two souls that may have been damned by swinging and other adulterous relationships. This only proves the great service that Christian Erotic Sites are rendering for the Kingdom. May God richly bless those who created these site and those who contribute true and erotic stories to these sites. God Bless you all.

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